Sad news. I recently posted that Frank Dainese’s Dolomiti 3D was due for release within the upcoming weeks (see that post here). Unfortunately that plans have changed and we may not see that project see the light of day at all.

As some of you may know this project started in collaboration with an Italian company that operates professional simulators. The original intent – if I recall correctly – was to develop a scenery for flight students allowing them to experience their home terrain in the most realistic way. Apparently there was a verbal agreement between this Italian company and Frank that would have allowed him to release the product to the general public. A beta tester and personal friend of Frank now explained in the .org forums (see here) that the managing director of that Italian company may have changed his mind and that we may not have a chance to experience this masterpiece ourselves.

Personally I think that is very bad news. I was really looking forward to this project as the Dolomites basically are my favorite area in Europe (that is in sim and real life). However if I understand the linked post correctly there may still be a chance for Frank to sort this out. I wish him all the best for that. I am sure the community will support him in any possible way!