I am a fun of bush flying and as such, I love VSKYLABS’ Bush-Plane Ultralight Project, also known as the Micro Hopper! Developer JetManHuss announced another major update to this lil’ beast, see what he has to say:


Well…this aircraft offers a different X-Plane experience…The VSKYLABS ‘Micro Hopper’ new update will be released soon. This aircraft is an experimental Ultralight Bush-Plane Prototype.

The new update (only for the X-Plane 11 version) is to version v3.5 and it features the needed fixes and additions to straight the line with the latest features of X-Plane 11 (last update was for X-Plane 11.00…).

The new version will feature improved looks, front panel integrated GNS-530, FMOD sound pack and a perfectly tuned flight dynamics model.

Project information can be found at: Link

The Micro Hopper is a true bargain for just $8.50. Head over to VSKYLABS website to purchase this fun bush plane in case you don’t own it already!

EDIT: Version 3.5 has been released and is now available!

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Karl Høybye

Thanks for letting me know about this plane. I had no idea it even existet and i am defenetly gonna pick it up when the update comes out