MasterATC™: A new approach to AI ATC?

James Wiley today announced MasterATC™, a synthetic air traffic control system running on your cellphone. The full announcement reads as follows:

“Aside from being an aviation enthusiast, I’m also a software engineer. For about a year I have been working on a synthetic ATC system called MasterATC, to be used in X-Plane and real-world flight training. I’m just now getting to the point of sharing my plans with the aviation community and I would love to hear what everyone thinks. It will be a while before this is ready for beta release, but I would like to start getting to know the community ahead of time.”

Accoring to MasterATC™’s website the connection with X-Plane will be established by a plug-in. That said, the cellphone app is about 70% ready for beta testing with VFR communications. Initially it will be available on Android only though. IOS and OSX support will follow further down the line. Have a look at the full feature set:

  • Smart, synthetic ATC makes every flight unique
  • 500+ Airports in class D, C and B. More coming…
  • Uses real airport frequency and runway data
  • Uses real-time Metar for active runway selection
  • Realistic interactions and required readbacks
  • Optional hint system for guidance

An audio demo video is already available on MasterATC™’s website.

The app already looks really promising and I like what I am seeing. However a lot of unanswered questions remain for the time being. Apparently there is a limited number of airports where this tool will work. So where is the area of operation? Will it also support IFR operations?

I am sure we will find out soon. FlightDeckX will keep you up-to-date! In the meantime, good luck James Wiley!


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