James Wiley of MasterATC (if you haven’t heard about it, see here for more information) announced today that he is looking for backers for his Synthetic Air Traffic Control project on Kickstarter. See the full announcement:

“Now live on Kickstarter! Throughout the campaign I will be posting updates and answering questions. With your help, I know MasterATC will be a great success. Please back MasterATC on Kickstarter and don’t forget to share it with your friends, family, facebook groups, fellow students, instructor, and anyone else who loves aviation as much as we do! If everyone spreads the word, it will make a massive difference. Thank you all so much for your support, James”

James set a rather ambitious goal of $96.000 within a month. I wish him good luck with that. Isn’t a fully fledged ATC system all we ever dreamed of? Let’s see what James will be able to accomplish with the support of the community! If you also want to back him, see here for his campaign on Kickstarter.