Mike Wilson announces Study Level 707!

Whooooa Mike Wilson is stepping up his game it seems! This announcement regarding his popular Boeing 707 was published yesterday:

“Peter and I have been PBR metalizing the 707 and making plans to bring it to study level. Peter is a retired computer programmer and we hope the 707 will be our first study level plane. it will take a long time to bring it to study level so i have decided that this current 707 PBR metal update will be released immediately as a free update as soon as it is ready which could be in a few days.

So for people who own the 707 please comment on what systems you want to see on the 707 to make it what you would consider “study level””. we cant model everything in the flight manual because it contains things like toilet systems so please be specific.”

We won’t see this anytime soon but if all goes well, at some point, there might be a study level 707 available for you to enjoy! All you retired 707 pilots, get your FCOMs ready and help Mike and Peter at the x-plane.org forums here!


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