Exciting news for friends of exotic destinations. After the recent release of MSK Production’s OPGD Gwadar which they released as freeware for X-Plane (see here) I contacted the developer to find out more about their future plans for the platform. This was MSK’s reply:

“We are currently in the process of re-developing (building a few items from scratch) for our previously released airports as we see a lot of potential in X-Plane as it is the best simulator (with regards to all aspect when taken into consideration). We also would like to release them in the same manner as we did for the FSX, that means, we will be developing Jinnah Intl Airport (Karachi) at first but that will take time since we intend to include all details possible for a realistic as well as eye-candy experience.”

Now that is great news indeed. Especially to all who appreciate exotic destinations. No screenshots available as of yet so the screenshot you can see above was taken in FSX. We will keep you updated once the first X-Plane screenshots pop up.