NAPS North Atlantic & Pacific Sceneries announced KAPF Naples Municipial to be their next freeware scenery for the sunshine state Florida! NAPS’ own Freddy De Pues was kind enough to drop me a developer version and I can tell you, this is another great freeware scenery you can and should look forward to if you fly in that area of the world.

The airport does not ship with ortho images. However, it looks awesome on top of ortho tiles, be it home made or also in case you prefer the free ortho tiles from Zones Photo. Personally I recommend the free ortho tiles from the X-Plane US Orthophoto Project, though.

I was told that release is not too far away so check the .org in the upcoming days, Naples is coming soon!!! In the meantime, head over to NAPS’ website. They got tons of freeware scenery there which should keep you busy until Naples is available!

EDIT: Now released here.