You gotta see this announcement by new developer studio Mach3 Digital Design Studios:

“Hello Follow simmers, 

Welcome to the creation and luanch of Mach3 Digital Design Studios!

We would like to take this time to announce our 1st payware product for X-Plane 11 “KFLG – Flagstaff Pulliam Airport”. This product will be a fully custom 3D modeled rendition of this beautiful airport located in Northern Arizona.  We are a brand new studio and are vary exited to make our 1st mark in X-Plane 11. Some of my free scenery work can be seen here Here

You can watch this airport being streamed and built Live 2-3 days a week at feel free to stop in and say hi! This is my 1st custom 3D scenery and I am loving it so far! More pictures and post will follow as work progresses.

I hope you are looking forward to this project as much as I am! 

Thank you, Mach3 Digital Design Studios”

The screenshot above shows their KSMO freeware, available here.