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My reader Goose pointed me to a new website on the media horizon. launched on November 15, 2017 and seems to be pretty active, providing high quality reviews! See this announcement:

x + sim + reviews have been there and done that – and once or twice before, too, with Chip & Simon covering X-plane a total of seven years – from the end of version 8 and into version 9, and then into the early phases of version 10. Life intervened but with the emergence of XP11 we thought it time to wipe the dust off our joysticks and share some of our thoughts regarding our favorite flight simulator. So, Chip and Simon and Adrian will be here once again, posting images and observations as new resources come to market, and our focus this time out will be on X-plane 11 – and only XP11.”

Terrific news! Welcome back Chip, Simon and Adrian! The more the better I always say. Visit now! That said, if you are looking for an alternative news site, check out this new daily news site launched by my reader Gaspard.


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