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Some great news from Cedric Gauche’s EDDK freeware project. It’s obviously making some progress as you can see on the screenshots above. But most important news is, that it’s going to support TerraMaxx seasons. I live next to EDDK Airport and did many starts and landings there as a passenger, but I have to admit, I never saw EDDK looking so nice covered with snow over and over like on these screenshots from X-Plane. Looking really great.

  • We’ve added 4 seasons for terramax support
  • Delta Apron with new 2018 ground layout
  • Many new HD Textures for Terminal 1 / Jetways
  • May new custom 3D buildings and objects build by flyAgi
  • Aiport with ortho and 4 seasons for terramax is about 2GB now !

Keep up the good work Cedric. We are desperately waiting for your EDDK v3.0 scenery!