X-Plane community member nhadrian just published his awesome mod for Carenado’s Cessna 152 II version 3.2.

Ollie did a review of this mod a few weeks ago and he was thrilled about the great enhancements nhadrian brought to that nice little bird esp. the updated Flight-Model.

Thank you nhadrian for serving the community!

If you own Carenado’s C152 I highly recommend you get nhadrians mod here: Link

If you don’t own Carenado’s C152 yet but you are into GA aircraft i recommend to get the C152 here: Link and install nhadrians mod afterwards. the C152 with nhadrians mod is some kind of a must have for every GA fan.

What’s next nhadrian? Personally I like the PA-38 Tomahawk II 😉


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Finally! Can’t wait to pick this up

Jamie Clark

Agreed about Tomahawk! That is the training plane I fly in now.

To ni
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This looks surprisingly good in VR. The touch controllers worked for the throttle and mixture and most of the switches with the exception of the radio stack. A joy to fly which felt so much like my experience of the real thing.