There are certain folks around that believe the mastering of rotorcraft is the highest level of skill one can achieve on its path to flight simulation glory. What sounds mysterious certainly has some truth in it. I just started with helicopters (bought my first payware today, the Dreamfoil Bell 407) and I am impressed. I can fly Airbuses, Boeings, Pipers. Any fixed-wing aircraft is basically my b****. But this Bell 407 is impossible to fly and especially land for me. Anyway, with the support of I will write about my endeavors in the upcoming months and let all of you aircraft junkies know if helicopters might also be something for you. I am obsessed already, that’s for sure. That FlightFactor A320 is suddenly not that exciting anymore to me… Stay tuned!

By the way, the scenery you can see above is Attitude’s KTTF Custer, a true masterpiece if you ask me (review available in the review tab)!

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I agree with you there! The 407 is tough. Crashed on so many landing attempts. Finally got a hang for it and was blown away by how fun it is to fly. Heli’s are very much on my radar now a days because of it. You also get a totally different experience with your custom scenery’s. It’s nice to fly around at 500-1000 feet in a heli and admired the detail in KTTF.


Well, judging by the pictures at least you managed to take off. I haven’t even achieved that, and my Bell 407 is collecting dust in the hangar.