Dear readers of!

Those who visited our little news outlet regularly within past few months may remember that I am about to get my first child soon. There’s only a few weeks left until the big day arrives. With that said and given the fact that I really need to take care of some real life stuff in the next few weeks, I hereby announce that I am taking a time-out from until further notice, beginning with April 1st.

I would like to say thank you to all my loyal readers and my team mates who supported me and helped me keep the site running!

What does this mean for you? First of all it means I won’t be around every single day for some months. I might even be away for a few weeks. But, and that’s the good news, this won’t be the end of!

Now that I am about to take the back seat it is time to announce who will be in charge until I will be back. Meet my man Hardy:

I live and grow up next to one of the oldest airfields in Germany, Bonn-Hangelar (EDKB). I guess seeing general aviation aircraft starting and landing every single day as a child was forming my interest for aviation, esp. small and historic aircraft. So my all-time favorite is the Douglas DC-3.

I started my flight-sim career almost 30 years ago with a combat flight simulator on an Atari ST computer. Since then I tried several civil and combat sims, including Microsoft’s Flight Simulator or 777/1C Rise of Flight.

Being a professional software developer I’m also interested in all this “Behind the scenes” stuff. So I tried some FlyWithLua scripting for X-Plane or created my own “Moving Map” app using the X-Plane network interface and so on.

For me it’s a pleasure to share new and interesting stuff with the X-Plane community here on

Hardy will be in charge for all daily business matters of the site. Hardy and everyone else in our team (Dominik, Gaspard, Mr. Joshua) will continue to do their best to keep the site running and bring all those exciting news and reviews to your living rooms! Thanks to all of you, guys!

Thank you and see you soon!

Ollie 🙂

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Peter Suranyi

I’m sad to see you go (hopefully not forever), but happy that the site will remain online, be active, and stay in capable hands! Hopefully you will re-join in the future!

Filippo Nesi

Hope to see you back on board soon.


Have “fun” being a dad! 😀


We will miss you so don’t be gone tooooo long:) But most importantly enjoy time with the new baby!


Make sure to come back! This is the best site out there. Congrats!

Peter Anastacio

Enjoy your new gift from God…. your life will never be the same.


See you soon papa Ollie ! I wish you and your wife lots of luck. Enjoy every second because they grow fast


All the best and I hope you have a healthy and happy baby in the coming weeks!

Magnus Lorvik

Congratulations on your expected one, Ollie. 🙂 Have a great time on your leave. All the best to you and your family.


whoa! wish the best for you and your family! 🙂