Fantastic news coming in from Orbx today! John Venema, CEO of Orbx, today posted some screenshots on their forums, claiming they were showcasing their latest Netherlands scenery under P3D v4. However, in fact he was posting screenshots under X-Plane, as Venema had to admit later:

“Ok they are indeed screenshots from X-Plane using Ortho2XP and Tony’s W2XP. Again, apologies to Tony for not acknowledging this and also to everyone for misleading information. I should in future qualify screenshots sent to me before making them public – my bad […] These shots were sent to me some time ago during the conceptional and proof of concept stage, and let’s be honest – Ortho4XP is an exceptional tool which I myself have used to look at my home area in XP11. We experimented with W2XP – for data analysis, because it allows fast visualisation. In the Netherlands for FSX/P3D, we use very little OSM data because it has lots of errors, namely, if you pay attention to those screenshots, you will see inappropriate trees in the fields. So we refused to use OSM and have obtained other data sources and built our own custom scripts and tech to achieve a better result in FSX/P3D. […] That said I guess the cat is out of the bag that Orbx is developing for XP (I revealed this in a recent interview at Cosford FlightSim show), and I would be interested to hear if there is interest in a NetherlandsXP as a payware product with all the usual Orbx 3D POIs modelled etc?

Later on in the discussion, Venema also confirmed that Orbx’s GA airfield line-up will indeed be offered for X-Plane:

“Oh the airports are coming, that is an active project which Ed Correia is leading for us. It won’t be all of them but certainly a bunch, starting with Meigs Field which is done.”

I’ve always been a huge Orbx admirer. Although we do already have developers in our community with the ability to produce scenery in Orbx quality (Attitude Simulations and RD Studios, to be precise), we need a lot more sceneries of that kind! Orbx has the resources and the ability to port their massive line-up to X-Plane, which certainly will be great news for a lot of folks out there! Let’s all forget what Orbx said about our platform in the past and let us look forward into a bright future with Orbx scenery for X-Plane 11!

Thanks to several readers for the tip-off!

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they didn’t give release times for anything.    when is meigs coming out since he said it’s done.