JustSim LOWK Klagenfurt receives v11 Update!

A few days ago, JustSim released a fully X-Plane 11 compatible version of their LOWK Klagenfurt scenery (see here). As usual with JustSim the update is not free. Instead previous owners can purchase this new version for $5. If you bought your version at the .org store check your original LOWK invoice. The discount code should be listed there.


xEnviro Developer Screenshots Showcasing Sunset!

There’s still no reliable ETA available for xEnviro’s next major update 1.08 (see an earlier update showcasing water effects and seasonal representation here). To help with the long wait, lead developer Andrey Sheybak regularly posts screenshots of the latest development.

This time Andrey posted 4 screenshots which show an all-new and impressive sunset effect. Don’t worry about the clouds in these shots, though. To quote Andrey, the “Clouds yet still without proper shading”.

Definitely impressive! Let’s just hope Andrey packs all of these latest features together in a neat little installer and releases them soon!


Now available at .org store: ASDG Super Cup!

The truly magnificent ASDG Super Cub was now also made available via the x-plane.org store here in addition to ASDG’s own store. As an introductory offer it is currently $10.00 off so this might be a good deal for you if you held off on this bird in the past due to its rather high price tag of $42.95. Grab your credit cards folks! 😉


VSKYLABS Scheibe Falke Takes Shape!

Happy new year everyone and welcome to my first post of 2018! I hope everyone had a great night and you’re all good to go for a wonderful year of flight simulation!

News-wise I didn’t expect anything to happen over New Year’s. Seems I was wrong, though. JetManHuss of VSKYLABS aka the Moonlight Beast struck again and published some very exciting new screenshots of his upcoming Scheibe SF-25 Falke Project! They look absolutely stunning! It also appears to me that JetManHuss is stepping up his texture work! Absolutely gorgeous textures we can see on this model thus far! Expect release this month!


Happy New Year from FlightDeckX!

Happy New Year from everyone at FlightDeckX! We hope you had some great and memorable flights in 2017 and we are confident that 2018 will be the best year in X-Plane history!

Unfortunately, I couldn’t finish all of the articles and reviews I had planned this year. Real life stuff (my kitchen basically is a giant construction site for weeks now) got in the way so there is no “The best Add-Ons of 2017” article and my promised review of Svalbard4XPlane is still not finished (the latter will be available in January, though).

Anyway, it has been a great year for me personally. Ever since I started this site I had the opportunity to meet some great personalities and get myself involved in really fun projects. I am humbled and proud to let y’all know that we counted more than 200.000 visits this year! Not bad for a new website! A big thank you to you all for your trust! You are the reason we are doing this!

That’s it for now, enjoy this last day of the year! See you all in 2018! Happy New Year!

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