Updates for FlightFactor 767 and 757 v2 available

In case you have missed it (I certainly did, thanks X-Plane Scandinavia for the reminder), FlightFactor recently released updates for their 767 and 757 v2, bringing the 767 to version 1.1.30 and the 757 v2 to version 2.0.26. Find the changelogs for the 767 here and for the 757 v2 here and here (the latter was another hotfix made available yesterday).

As usual re-download your add-on package from your customer account (from whatever shop you purchased your product) or use the X-Updater client from within your aircraft folder to update your add-on to the latest version. Enjoy!


Aerosphere updates Piper Warrior II to version 2.0

The Piper Warrior II by Aerosphere is now available in version 2. The update adds the following features:

  • Sounds have been updated to higher quality (as shown in the videos here).
  • Flight model has been tweaked to offer a more stable platform.
  • Aesthetics such as window and gauge reflections have been added as well as chrome accents.
  • The ground handling is improved to the extent that the aircraft should not do a 180 degree turn in a tail whip if the wind is at cross wind or if too much rudder is applied.

If you already purchased that product this is a free upgrade. Just log into your account and download it from there. All others can buy that bird here.


LES DC-3 virtual cockpit screenshots

As covered recently (see here) the development of Leading Edge’s DC-3 is coming along quite well. Another set of screenshots is now available, this time from the virtual cockpit. Now all I need for happiness is to hear a sound sample of this beautifully looking bird…


MSK confirms X-Plane development: Jinnah is coming

Exciting news for friends of exotic destinations. After the recent release of MSK Production’s OPGD Gwadar which they released as freeware for X-Plane (see here) I contacted the developer to find out more about their future plans for the platform. This was MSK’s reply:

“We are currently in the process of re-developing (building a few items from scratch) for our previously released airports as we see a lot of potential in X-Plane as it is the best simulator (with regards to all aspect when taken into consideration). We also would like to release them in the same manner as we did for the FSX, that means, we will be developing Jinnah Intl Airport (Karachi) at first but that will take time since we intend to include all details possible for a realistic as well as eye-candy experience.”

Now that is great news indeed. Especially to all who appreciate exotic destinations. No screenshots available as of yet so the screenshot you can see above was taken in FSX. We will keep you updated once the first X-Plane screenshots pop up.

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