Featured Freeware: BetterPushback plug-in

Yesterday I covered news about a new pushback plug-in that will ship with the upcoming FlightFactor A320 (see here). This plug-in by the name BetterPushback is actually freeware and it has been released now. What makes this plug-in so special is the ability for custom pushback routes that can be created easily with some clicks inside X-Plane. The plug-in will also memorize previously used pushback routes.

The man behind the plug-in is x-plane.org user skiselkov, well known for his X-RAAS runway awareness and advisory system plug-in. Thanks skiselkov! Get BetterPushback here.


FlightFactor A320: new VC screenshot published

A lot of news around FlightFactor’s highly anticipated A320 lately. This time a new screenshot of the virtual cockpit was published (see here for the full size image). The developers stated that they are finishing a new cockpit textures set, which is still incomplete as of yet, but we we can expect more previews soon. It’s good to see that development is in full swing apparently and I wonder how much longer we will have to wait for this bird to lift off.


EV-55 Outback: New toy for bush pilots released

  • Accurate flight model
  • Detailed, animated 3D model inside and out
  • High quality textures
  • Animated pilot
  • Fully functioning cockpit
  • Cabin doors open/close
  • Wreckage model
  • PBR reflective metal and transparent glass
  • Start-up sheet and control map included
  • 2 liveries

Sounds like a new toy for all bush pilots out there. First impressions from a user on x-plane.org are good (“good value for money”). Get it here for $14.99 only.


FlightFactor A320: new video shows pushback interaction

A beta tester of the anticipated FlightFactor A320 posted a new video in the announcement thread at the x-plane.org forums. The video gives a sneak peek at a new fully automated pushback plugin called BetterPushback that will be shipped together with the A320. The plug-in will allow custom pushback routes that can be created easily with some clicks inside X-Plane. The system will also memorize previously used pushback routes. That way, whenever you want to push from a gate you were at before, you will automatically be offered to reuse your previous pushback route.

I really like what I am seeing so far. See for yourself here.

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