EV-55 Outback: New toy for bush pilots released

  • Accurate flight model
  • Detailed, animated 3D model inside and out
  • High quality textures
  • Animated pilot
  • Fully functioning cockpit
  • Cabin doors open/close
  • Wreckage model
  • PBR reflective metal and transparent glass
  • Start-up sheet and control map included
  • 2 liveries

Sounds like a new toy for all bush pilots out there. First impressions from a user on x-plane.org are good (“good value for money”). Get it here for $14.99 only.


FlightFactor A320: new video shows pushback interaction

A beta tester of the anticipated FlightFactor A320 posted a new video in the announcement thread at the x-plane.org forums. The video gives a sneak peek at a new fully automated pushback plugin called BetterPushback that will be shipped together with the A320. The plug-in will allow custom pushback routes that can be created easily with some clicks inside X-Plane. The system will also memorize previously used pushback routes. That way, whenever you want to push from a gate you were at before, you will automatically be offered to reuse your previous pushback route.

I really like what I am seeing so far. See for yourself here.


VSKYLABS updates its line-up

VSKYLABS, a developer specialized in light and microlight aircraft, apparently published updates for 4 of their add-ons. Affected are the following products:

  • VSKYLABS Hang Glider Project
  • VSKYLABS Aeropro EuroFOX Project
  • VSKYLABS Air Phoenix U-15 LSA Project
  • VSKYLABS Tecnam P2006T

Now I did not find any release notes but those products are listed first on the x-plane.org store homepage. Usually that means an update has been published. Head over to the .org store and check your customer accounts.

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