MilViz develops the ATR 72-600 for X-Plane!

Sorry lads I somehow missed these news. Anyway developer Military Visualizations aka MilViz confirmed already back in May that their future ATR 72-600 will be also made available for X-Plane. No estimates available and just renders yet. However once this bird lifts off we can send Aerosoft’s aging ATR finally into retirement. Have a look at the comments of this Facebook post for more information.


MSK Productions releases OPGD Gwadar Intl freeware for X-Plane!

Friends of exotic destinations may have heard of MSK Productions. This FSX/P3D developer released some exciting payware destinations for the other sims in the past, including Lahore and Islamabad in Pakistan. Today they released their first airport for X-Plane… as freeware! OPGD is the rather small international airport of the city of Gwadar located at the south coast of Pakistan. It has a 5.000ft/1.524m runway (perfect for your ATR 72-500). Head over to or simMarket to receive your free copy. Thanks MSK! Hope to see more from these guys soon!


Developers: Who is coming to X-Plane?

With the advent of X-Plane 11 it is undeniable that the platform receives a lot more attention by users and developers alike. With this momentum this leaves one question open. Will developers finally take the plunge and decide to develop for X-Plane? I compiled a list of developers that might soon come or already confirmed their commitment to X-Plane. I’ll edit this post whenever there is new information available.

Aerosoft: I think it’s obvious that Aerosoft publishes more and more high quality scenery for X-Plane lately. There’s a lot more to expect in the upcoming months. Follow their work in progress page here.

FranceVFR: If Google translated this post correctly (please correct me if I am wrong) then we can expect some products from this developer.

Frank Dainese: the so-called “Master of the Mountains” released his masterpiece Dolomiti 3D exclusively for the X-Plane platform.

Godzone: Robin Corn of Godzone describes his first “footsteps” in X-Plane here. It seems he is very pleased with the platform so far. Fingers crossed we might see his “Real New Zealand” for X-Plane soon.

HiFi Simulation Technology: The creator of Active Sky confirmed that they are actively developing a weather engine for X-Plane. See their announcement at this year’s Flight Sim Con here.

iBlueYonder: Bill Womack announced his first payware scenery Minute Man & Plum Island in December 2017. Before that he also released his freeware The Heron’s Nest.

Just Flight: In cooperation with Thranda (developer of the popular Kodiak Quest) Just Flight started to port their Piper line-up to X-Plane, starting with the Arrow III.

LatinVFR: Thanks to a cooperation with Skyline Simulations LatinVFR’s KSAN San Diego and KEYW Key West sceneries were already made available for X-Plane. More conversions can be expected in the future.

Latinwings: Thanks to a cooperation with Skyline Simulations Latinwings’ LEVC Valencia has been made available via X-Aviation.

Military Visualizations: MilViz confirmed on Facebook that their future ATR 72-600 will be made available for X-Plane. See this post for more information.

MSK Productions: MSK released their first X-Plane Scenery in July as freeware (see post). They also confirmed that they intend to port over their existing line-up to X-Plane, beginning with Jinnah Intl Airport Karachi (see here).

OldProp Solutions: There are rumors that the makers of FSFX packages (an effects add-on for various third party aircraft products) is looking into a future X-Plane commitment right now. A guy on Facebook posted an email in which Oldprop stated that they “sure are looking for X-Plane in the future since there’s a lot of potential for visual effects”.

Orbx: Yes, Orbx is coming, this time for real! See this post.

REX Simulations: This is rather old news but still worth to be mentioned. REX is coming to X-Plane. Have a look at this thread for more information.

Tailstrike Designs: The team confirmed a cooperation with Aerosoft, who will port Tailstrike’s LIME Bergamo scenery to X-Plane once the initial release happened.

Turbulent Design: Turbulent announced Idaho Falls in October 2017. There are also rumors about Terraflora coming to X-Plane.

UK2000: Their Birmingham scenery is already available for X-Plane and more products can be expected by this UK developer. See UK2000’s website for more information.

Got more information? Please let us know. Leave a comment!

EDIT 7/10/2017: Added MilViz, LatinVFR and MSK productions.
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German freeware team has been closed with immediate effect

A lot of my German readers will know Flightport for their outstanding freeware for FSX and P3D. This year some of the members of the team switched to X-Plane. I am sure a lot of folks, including me, were hoping for X-Plane conversions of all those wonderful freeware airfields. Unfortunately it came different. With the advent of P3D v4 they decided to close down the team. They stated it would be too much work for them to patch all those sceneries to work with P3D v4. Since some of them moved to X-Plane they apparently lost interest in patching scenery for a platform they don’t even use anymore. At least that’s what you can read in their announcement. Now that is unfortunate news for the community as a whole. Flightport lasted 15 years and gifted us with a lot of freeware pearls.

See here for the announcement (please note that it is in German only).

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