Orbx: Meigs Field Preview Shots!

Just a few hours ago Orbx has published some more preview shots of their Meigs Field in the forums. Take a look at the statement below:

“[…]Here are a few more beta shots of KCGX Meigs Field for X-Plane 11, which has now been expanded to include the same large photoreal urban areas as the AFS2 version, complete with fully annotated buildings and vegetation and of course moving traffic as per XP11.”

“There will be many more shots as beta testing continues. “

Also there might be some of you, who have already bought this scenery for FSX/P3D or Aerofly FS2. In case you have, take a look at this:

“This will be a January release, and customers who have bought either the FSX/P3D or AFS2 versions will automatically get 40% off at checkout time.”

Doesn’t that all sound exciting? Well for further details take a look at the post right here.

All that said, the question remains if this will be a success for Orbx since we already have a rather magnificent freeware of Meigs Field by Aerobridge. We shall see very soon!


RIM & Company release St. Helena!

Another surprise release happened last night. RIM & Company, known for their Ayers Rock “The Heart of Australia” scenery, now released St. Helena “Neck-breaking approaches to the Island of Napoleon”! See the feature set:

  • An faithful rendition of St. Helena, featuring it´s surroundings as the neighbouring Jamestown and many other landmarks…
  • comprehensive 121,7 photo scenery at 15, 40 and 60 cm/pixel resolution…
  • Spectacular, picturesque views from the cockpit…
  • Meticulously built ground textures at 1, 2 and 5 cm/pixel resolution based on thorough research…
  • Sublimely handcrafted replicas of airport buildings, vehicles and clutter objects equipped with 2K & 4K-Textures, giving highest attention to details, featuring many animations and authentic Night textures…
  • 2 superb static planes unique to the location of St.Helena Airport.
  • Putting emphasis on a vivid setting: Several animations evoke an as-real-as-it-gets atmosphere…”

St. Helena “Neck-breaking approaches to the Island of Napoleon” is available now for just $12.95 at the x-plane.org store here. Thanks to my reader Chip for the tip-off!


What’s Coming Next from Just Flight?

After the recent release of Just Flight’s PA-28R Turbo Arrow III/IV (which is already the second product for X-Plane following their Arrow III) you might wonder what’s cookin’ right now in Thranda’s kitchen, who are responsible for the actual conversion work of Just Flight’s FSX/P3D models. This announcement is already a few days old, but heck, if I missed you might have missed it as well:

The screenshot above in fact shows the FSX model. I guess we have to wait a bit longer for native X-Plane screenshots.

I also hear rumors of a BAE Hawk T1 for X-Plane, which might be developed after the Warrior II. A Hawk sure falls under the “quite different” category. Only time will tell!


openVFR IcebergsXP v1.1 RELEASED!

openVFR released version 1.1 of their must-have plug-in IcerbergsXP, which I covered earlier in detail here. This will be perfect for my upcoming review of Aerosoft’s Svalbard4XPlane. Anyway, see the release announcement:

“openVFR releases a new version of IcebergsXP. The new version presents icebergs even more varied. The frequency of the icebergs adapts to the current temperature. The temperature at which icebergs generally occur can be set. Since it is also possible to adjust that icebergs do not only occur at the places where they are in reality, it is now possible to use IcebergsXP e. g. for transatlantic flights and to control the frequency of icebergs very precisely. Users who have already purchased a previous version of IcebergsXP can contact the developer via the IcebergsXP website and receive a free update.

For future versions, openVFR continues to work on an almost closed ice sheet. Initial tests have already been successful, but they did not yet meet all the requirements. First screenshots can be seen on the website or on the Facebook page of IcebergsXP.

Website: www.openvfr.freyt.de/IcebergsXP/
Facebook: www.facebook.com/openVFRIcebergsXP

Great news, indeed, for everyone crossing the pond. This will definitely transform your experience. All existing customers need to contact the developer via his website to receive the update.


Rotate MD-80 v1.4 in BETA, COMING SOON!

If you think this year can’t get any better, well listen to this announcement:

“v1.40 is already in beta phase, and will be available soon.”

Additionally developer cucoman stated that this upcoming update will feature “a complete load manager, where the CG deviation is computed according to the aircraft loading scheme”. That’s all we know for now but I am sure we will all find out more soon.

I love it when good things get even better! Great news! Thanks to my reader Cameron for the tip-off!

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