Skyline KSNA John Wayne REVIEW ONLINE!

It’s Review Palooza at FlightDeckX and so it’s my pleasure to present our review of Skyline’s KSNA Orange County John Wayne International Airport. This follows my earlier review of Turbulent Designs truly outstanding KIDA Idaho Falls (don’t cry if you missed it mate, find this review here).

Anyway, it’s time for something new as this year is about to end (it’s really late here and I’m somewhat feeling philosophic) so without further ado, see our review of Skyline’s KSNA Orange County here. Good night everyone and expect even more reviews soon (*cough* Did anyone say Svalbard? *cough*). 😉


RWDesign’s Twin Otter Delayed!

When I announced v2 of RWDesign’s Twin Otter back in September, we were all hoping for a Christmas release. Obviously this didn’t happen, though, which isn’t a bad thing as long as we will get our hands on this bird eventually. Anyway, developer Rob Wilson was now kind of enough to give an update about the current situation:

“First, my apologies on giving little information on the date of release. Second, my apologies for missing my original ETA (Christmas 2017 as stated in the first post isn’t happening as you all may have guessed).

The Twin Otter has been in beta for about a fortnight. We’ve found many bugs which need correcting but hey, that’s what beta’s are for! 🙂 I’m hoping release will be mid to late January. 

I wanted to share one of the cool features. I saw so many lining colours on the DHC-6 when researching and couldn’t decide between blue, green, grey or black. I decided I liked them all available to be selected on the fly using an in-sim menu. Below a selection of shots I’ve taken of the blue and green on the overhead.”

January it is then. Patiently waiting for this one. Looks stunning, indeed!


New Stock Aircraft: Aerolite 103

Fans of ultralight aviation beware! Laminar Research is to add the Aerolite 103 in the next major update of X-Plane. See the announement:

“Here’s a little Stocking-Stuffer preview…Our talented artists have made you all an Aerolite 103 which will be FREE in the next major update of X-Plane Desktop. This little aircraft is incredibly detailed! The animated cables, the fabric textures, the reflections, the materials…it’s gorgeous! More importantly, it’s really fun to fly! It’s very nimble and maneuverable and you can land it just about anywhere. I’ll also say…you can really get a sense of movement and openness since the cockpit is wide open with no walls or floor to obstruct your view…We thought an open aircraft like this would be a great way to demonstrate our next-……..oops I gotta get going! Be back shortly…. 

As most of you know, the last sentence references to X-Plane 11.20 (see this post), which entered beta today and added native VR support for the first time in X-Plane history. Indeed, this will be a fun little aircraft for anyone owning a VR device!

X-Plane 11.20 Beta Live: Adding VR Support

These news hit me totally by surprise. Laminar Research made the biggest Christmas Present for all fans of Virtual Reality (yeah, I mean you, Goggleheads 😉 ) by releasing the first beta of the next major update 11.20 this Christmas! See what this is all about:

“This is a preview of our VR support. This is not the final product. This does not contain the final set of features. The purpose of this is to let you all play around with it. It’s very usable. It’s very fun. It works very well but it does have limitations and artifacts like you’d expect from an early release. Aircraft authors should begin getting their aircraft ready to support VR headsets (documentation coming soon!). We will continue to add features and make adjustments based on user feedback.”

Read this to learn more about the requirements:

“In order to use VR with X-Plane 11, you need an Oculus Rift CV1 (with Touch Controllers) or an HTC Vive. At this time, these are the only two headsets to have official support. It is, of course, our goal to maintain support with all mainstream and common headsets in the future but at this moment, these are the only two officially supported systems. In addition, you’ll need a Windows PC* with modern hardware and an installation of Steam and SteamVR. You do NOT need to purchase X-Plane through Steam even though the Steam App is a requirement. The Steam App is free to download.”

And this is how to get the beta:

“Now update X-Plane with “Check for Beta Versions” enabled. (Steam users – we love you too – the 11.20 VR preview is available as a public beta on Steam.)  Once you’re in X-Plane 11.20, go to your Graphics Settings and enable the “Enable VR Hardware” checkbox. Detailed instructions can be found here.”

I never was and never will be a fan of VR (I just love to watch a movie while cruising in the sky). However I do understand that this is the future of simulation so I do hope this is the thing everyone on the VR train was waiting for! Have fun!

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