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UK2000 Aberdeen RELEASED!

A feast for every proud Scotsman! UK2000 today released Aberdeen Xtreme for X-Plane 11. See the release announcement:

“We are proud to announce Aberdeen is now released for X-Plane. As usual, this includes all assets found in the FSX/P3D version such as, custom taxiways, grass, signs, buildings and AutoGate safedock. X-Plane spill lights are also included.”

Aberdeen Xtreme for X-Plane 11 is available for just £16.99 directly from UK2000 here.

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As announced here, the Super Cub by AeroSim is aimed for release “early next week”. See the official feature list:

  • Current version supporting Xplane 11 version 11.05
  • SimCoders REP Package comes with the aircraft!  Just install and you are ready to fly
  • 3 Individual Flight Models!  150HP Titan™ X320 powered Super Cub, with a separate flight model for Tundra Tires and standard tires. 180HP Titan™ X340 Powered Super Cub + constant speed prop with Tundra wheels only.
  • Engine performance data provided by Titan™ Engines by Continental
  • Full 3D Landing gear animations
  • Flight Dynamics and ground handling designed to allow pilots to land off airfield!
  • Compare the flight differences between a constant speed propeller and a fixed pitch!
  • 4K Textures, full PBR and individual reflections inside the cockpit
  • 2 Included selectable cockpits for the 150HP Model.  These include a IFR rated panel and a standard bare bones VFR panel
  • High Definition CSL’s for online flying
  • More updates and additions to come in the future as Xplane expands

Now here’s the thing, AeroSim’s Super Cub is priced at $42.95 (see here)! That’s a rather high price tag for a debut aircraft, even if it ships with SimCoder’s REP package. We will see if it lives up to its claims. In any case, I am out of here. I won’t be flying this particular bird for this price. To all you Super Cub fans, though, enjoy this beauty!

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Opinion on Laminar’s G1000 (11.10b2)

As you know, Laminar Research introduced a whole new Garmin G1000 unit with their 11.10 update, which is currently in beta 2 stage. I was eager to see how real this unit was and opted for the beta. Currently I am flying over Washington state (get orthos here), near Mt. Rainier, and I am on my way to KPUW Pullman-Moscow. Let me tell you, this G1000 is pretty darn impressive. Not only is it responsive and fast, it also looks and feels real. Haven’t had the time to test all features of this unit yet but so far, I did not encounter any obviously wrong things about this. I downloaded an official manual for the real unit (google it, easy to find) and it perfectly matched what I am seeing on the screen. Pretty impressive!

Again, you should not opt for the beta unless you intend to report bugs back to Laminar. This is only to let you know that I firmly believe that 11.10 is a big step in the right direction and you will love each and every feature this major update brings to our platform (such as separate joystick & keyboard profiles for each aircraft). Good times to live in!

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World Traffic 3 Review by Q8Pilot

I know for sure that a lot of you guys were waiting for Q8Pilot to review World Traffic 3. This morning he uploaded his latest video, which is a full review and a installation and configuration guide for this popular AI traffic tool. I am still not exactly a fan of this software as it is clumsy and does not have a user friendly interface. But that’s just my opinion. Make up your own mind and watch Q8Pilot’s latest video here.

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Aerobask developing the Diamond DA62?

Following the release of their Velocity V-Twin back in September, Aerobask seems to be working on the Diamond DA62! There is no official announcement available yet but a single screenshot was made available on Facebook and this cockpit sure looks like Diamond!

Personally it would make me very happy to see this beauty by Austrian aircraft manufacturer Diamond Aircraft see the light of day in X-Plane! Let’s wait for the official announcement, though. I’ll keep you informed.

By the way, if you are a Diamond fan, you can visit their headquarters south of Vienna by downloading this free scenery of LOAN Wiener Neustadt by the Austrian X-Plane Design Group. The site is in German but there is a download button.

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Allan & Burrows Island RELEASED!

A rather small scenery has been released today by a developer unknown to me (see his original announcement here). Allan & Burrows Island are in the state of Washington on the west coast of the US. Burrows island is a small island with a lighthouse and a helipad serving the lighthouse. Allan island features a 750m (2,400ft) long sloped grass runway that is of variable width. Allan island also has dirt trails going around the island plus a dock for visiting sailors. Both islands are covered in a thick forest and sharp rocks. See the full feature list:

  • Orthophotos for both islands (USGS)
  • Custom accurate forest type.
  • 3D volumetric grass.
  • Highly realistic ground textures
  • Custom textures for trails on island
  • Animated traffic on trails and by sea.
  • 3D trees and bushes.
  • Custom and accurate Mesh for both islands.
  • Campsite with animated smoke that reflects wind direction and strength
  • Night textures
  • 3D Rocks

Allan & Burrows Island are available for just 5.56 (about $6.57) exclusively at let’s sim here.

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EV-55 Outback receives major update

AuctusDelineations updated their EV-55 Outback to v1.2. See the changelog:

“Version 1.2 (october 13th 2017)
Added customized 3D sound via FMOD
Improved the interior of the aircraft, adding lots of details and enhancements
Now includes 2 variants, passenger and cargo. Cargo and passenger interiors are both included in the main .ACF file, switchable dynamically
Also including an empty interior version true to the initial prototype’s avionics. It’s a separate .ACF file called “EV 55 Prototype.”
Animated the rear passenger door, cargo door, and baggage doors in the nose. Doors are mapped to Door #1 – Door#6
All doors have manipulators, and when open allow the cockpit-camera to move outside the aircraft to manipulate doors from the outside if desired
Added a “log-book” object that when clicked brings up a menu that can be used to open/shut all the doors and switch between cargo and passenger variants
Added three new liveries
Added a Garmin 530.
Added a altitude preselect for the autopilot
Added a 2nd VOR display, on the copilot side
Magnetic compass totally remodeled and animated in 3D
Fixed the DME off switch.
Removed glare from some screens
Fixed some intruments getting blurry at lower texture settings
Improved readablity of the HSI
Added green glow to Garmin dials
Reversed the HSI controls and displays to better match the realinstrument
Improved the accuacy of the COG, especially along the vertical axis
Fixed a typo that made the horizontal stabilizer less effective
Improved the accuracy of the hydraulics
Adjusted the flightmodel to imroved handling at low speeds and during the landing phase
Adjusted fuel consumtion to make it more accurate, especially in the X-Plane 10 version”
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RD Studios announce L.A. Landmark Pack

Some of you were really confused after I posted these screenshots earlier this week. I can now tell you what this is all about. Following their initial release of KHAF Half Moon Bay (see our review), RD Studios later announced KRAL Riverside Municipial. They now announced that they are also working on a L.A. Landmark Pack which will ship with KRAL once it is out. So no, this is not X-Plane 11.10, but you will see this in 11.10 once you purchased KRAL (you get the pun, right?). See the official announcement:

“Happy Friday Guys,

I have great news!
After the successful release of KHAF Half Moon Bay, and early work done on KRAL Riverside, let me show you something new today! Some of you might have seen 4 mysterious preview shots on FlightDeckX.com, but this is the first time I’m making an announcement.

This is a preview of some extra content which I will release together with Riverside Municipal Airport (and I’m aiming to have both of them ready before the end of 2017). I’m calling it the Los Angeles Landmark Pack, and well, it does what it sounds like. The City of Angels has an iconic skyline, and many interesting landmarks scattered throught – and so far they have never been realized in X-plane properly, at least as far as I know. So I decided to model all those important landmarks which makes LA so unique. The preview you see today is not everything that I have planned, I will most likely add some more stuff before and later after the release of KRAL. Of course I won’t model every building in LA (with packs like US West Real Life, you get a fairly accurate representation anyway), just the ones that are prominent, and give LA it’s character. 

It’s a value added product, extra content that comes bundled with KRAL Riverside. As such, it won’t be as detailed as the airport itself, but as you can see it from the screenshots, I think the quality is good enough for such a project. For helo pilots, I have to say sorry, but no helipads on rooftops – looking at Laminar’s magnificent rooftop helipads, I decided that it would be too much time to create something of a similar quality – at least for a side project. So if you are rooftop-hopping helo pilot, this is not for you, but other than that, I’m sure you’ll love it! Top top it off, all objects come with night lighting and ambient occlusion effects, so it’s not just daytime VFR only, but for everyone!
Please consider this as an extra gift bundled with KRAL, and not like a full product in itself (KRAL’s sale price will be unaffected). I simply want to give people a better LA experience since I really love to fly in SOCAL and LA areas, and I was missing these landmarks from the sim. Also, because of it’s nature (and because of the various different areas covered) the pack won’t have orthophotos supplied – unlike Riverside Airport, which will of course come with orthos. Orthophots are easy to come by anyway (I highly recommend Forkboy excellent orthophotos), and most people have them already. This pack is also fully compatible with US West Real Life by Slai – which is an excellent addon by the way.

Now, let me show some screenshots and the content at the current stage! I won’t be referring to specific objects by name, let the screenshots speak instead (the excellent Reshade/Sweetfx preset with its lively colors is courtesy of Filou, and all the screenshots features Forkboy’s orthos, click for full-size)!”

See here for more screenshots.

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Let’s Sim: Constantly improving their services

One week ago my favorite new X-Plane store launched (see the original announcement here). Currently let’s sim is still adding more and more features every day but the shop works nicely and you can already purchase and support the team. They’ve been hard at work on a new frontend for the shop & implementing fixes and feedback that they received! Many more currencies are now available in the shop, it should also geolocate to display the correct one automatically!

We do need fresh air on the vendor side of our community. let’s sim looks promising and you all should really give them a chance. let’s sim are also giving away their very own KPAO Palo Alto Airport for free as a little gift (see this review by our friends of helisimmer.com)! This is a magnificent scenery for everyone flying in California. Head over to let’s sim now and start buyin’!

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Featured Freeware: Hawaii Photoreal RELEASED!

Finally Hawaii has been released! See the release announcement:

“Hello all X-Plane users! We are proud to announce that the Big Island of Hawaii has been released. This is the largest scenery package we offer, covering more than ten thousand square kilometres at 1m/px (ZL17) image quality, along with 0.5m/px (ZL18) at PHTO Hilo International Airport. This release is years in the making, and without the support the of our users it would have taken longer. We welcome donations to Hawaii Photoreal if you are happy with our work, as we are always updating, refreshing and adding imagery and airports. Donations are welcomed at https://hawaii-photoreal.com/, and we thank you in advance for your consideration. Plus versions of scenery, including seasonal textures and highly improved airports will be available in the near future for many of those who support us.

The download of Hawaii, the Big Island, is now live at our website,https://hawaii-photoreal.com/x-plane10-11 Happy flying and we hope you enjoy this release and future releases from Hawaii Photoreal! We plan to release the final part of V2 scenery (Maui, Lanai, Kahoolawe, and Molokini) within the next week, as we are putting some finishing touches on the imagery.”

I suggest you try this, looks fabulous to me! If you like it, please consider leaving a donation!

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