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VSKYLABS F-19 Stealth Fighter Preview

If you ever owned a VSKYLABS product before, you certainly know that these aircraft somehow feel more “alive” than what most competitors put on the market. Doesn’t mean that the systems are perfectly simulated nor that the graphics are the best of the best. I am talking about the flight model, which is usually spot on with VSKYLABS. That said, a new video preview of the upcoming F-19 Stealth Fighter is now available here. As you know, I don’t fancy military aircraft at all but this beast magically attracts me. Looks totally alive! I love this!

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Aeroworx C-47 for X-Plane 11 AVAILABLE!

Following the release of the XP10 version of this magnificent freeware bird yesterday, the XP11 compatible version has now been released. Bear in mind it is in beta. See what the developers have to say:

“Please take note that, although we have included a “Bare Metal” demo aircraft, we have not done any work on the outside of the aircraft, textures or normal files.

Also, when you go to the “Bare Metal” aircraft and then back to the other two models, they for some reason inherited the shininess. To get back to the original textures, go to the top left menu, choose “Developer” and then “reload this aircraft”.

We will fix this soon, I hope.”

Get the Aeroworx C-47 Dakota for X-Plane 11 here.

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X-Plane 11.10b2 Is Live

That was quick. Only 24 hours following the release of 11.10 Public Beta 1, Beta 2 is now available. See Ben Supnik’s announcement:

“If you have 11.10 beta 1, you’ll be auto-notified to update.  (If you’re locked out, e.g. for users on Linux who didn’t have libc++, use the installer and check “Get Betas”). See the release notes for bugs fixed in this beta.

Thanks to everyone who reported bugs!  If your bug is not yet fixed, don’t panic – we cut b2 quick to fix the pile of “OGL_ubo_is_valid(s_environment_ubo)” crashes. If you have one of these in b2 please re-report it (and auto-report it!)”

And again, bear in mind this is an early beta release of a major update. Expect things to break. Don’t opt for the beta if you just want to fly without doing any beta testing. However, if you try the beta, don’t forget to submit your bug reports back to Laminar here. Thanks to Daniel for the tip-off!

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FDX Exclusives: Attitude KSAT San Antonio

Remember my post about Attitude Simulations? I still firmly believe that this is X-Plane’s hottest new developer. Elias Strikos of Attitude was kind enough to send me some exclusives to showcase their upcoming KSAT San Antonio (click on a thumbnail to view in full screen). Also see what the developers have to say about this upcoming beauty:

“KSAT – San Antonio International Airport by Attitude Simulations

  • Crisp, high resolution Orthoimagery 
  • Large Coverage area surrounding airport
  • “Autogen” around the airport will all be modeled and correctly placed over Orthos for a seamless immersion. This is regarding to Warehouses, buildings. Some stores, and noticeable buildings will be modeled to a higher extent, such as Hotels, Grocery stores, etc. 
  • Houses accurately placed over Orthoimagery
  • Custom vegetation
  • High Definition terminal, buildings and hangars in the airport
  • X-Plane 11 PBR goodness!
  • X-Plane 11 Default roads painstakingly corrected to flow over Orthoimagery.

Downtown will also be included and modeled, along with 3 Heliports in the coverage area. And more to come as development continues! No expected release date as of yet. Exclusively available on X-Aviation!”

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[EDIT] FlightDeckX will shut down, unless…

Some of you may have already waited for this announcement. Let me explain first. This week, I got wonderful life-changing news. I am about to start my own family and in a few months from now I will have to take care of my wonderful girlfriend and our child.

This basically changes everything and all plans I had for FlightDeckX are now scrapped. At a certain point I will neither have the time nor the motivation to keep the site running. You might say “Wait a bit, what about your team?! Can’t they take over?”. If you followed the news closely these past few months then you probably know that 95% of all news and reviews were done by myself. While I appreciate the contributions of these guys, it did not relieve my daily workload for the site. However, due to their personal situations, they just couldn’t do more. Last night I informed them about my situation. As a result and with immediate effect, I am again running this site on my own. This actually saves me some of my precious time since I don’t have to check our internal chat room any longer, coordinate stuff etc. To you guys, thank you for your contributions, I appreciate it!

Now we have two options:

  • FlightDeckX will go down silently and we will have the situation we had until some months ago. That would mean no more daily news site for X-Plane!
  • Someone takes over the site!

While the latter is my preferred solution I want to be very clear about something. I will only hand over the keys to the site to a person that is a well known and committed member of the community. When I am not absolutely certain that this person knows what he or she is doing, I’d rather pull the plug than seeing this site go down in quality! 

I will keep posting for a few more months but when this certain twist in my life finally arrives, I will shut down the site. Unless we all pull together and find someone who takes over! To my readers, please share this post, talk to your favorite YouTuber, spread the word on the forums and on Facebook. If you want a daily news site, now is your time to contribute to the community! Thank you!

EDIT 10/13/2017: Thanks to you all for the overwhelming responses I received since this post went live. Due to the high number of messages I received, I can’t answer each and everyone of you personally. Instead please note that I appreciate your messages and rest assured, I already received some very promising applications! I will keep you updated!

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Joystick & Keyboard Profiles in X-Plane 11.10

The current X-Plane 11.10 update (remember, still in beta) is the first major update for X-Plane 11. One of it’s new features is a way to save joystick & keyboard profiles. Before this update, X-Plane remembered any changes you made to the joystick or keyboard settings as the one and only version in preferences. In the 11.10 update you can now save as many different joystick and keyboard arrangements as you want, and have them load automatically with any aircraft you choose.

Check out the new feature in action in the video available here!

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Aerosoft Svolvaer XP RELEASED!


Aerosoft’s Svolvaer XP by developers Jo Erlend Sund and Simen Nygaard is finally out! See the release announcement:

“Svolvær Airport Helle (SVJ, ENSH) is a small regional airport located in the Lofoten area in northern Norway. Its scenic location surrounded by both fjords and towering mountains makes this airport a beautiful destination, but due to its harsh winter it will also challenge your skills as a pilot. The scenery features a highly detailed recreation of Svolvær airport (and it s surroundings including sloped runway and custom terrain model of the airport.


  • Realistic recreation of Svolvær Airport Helle (ENSH)
  • Fully compatible with XPlane 11 and X-Plane 10
  • Includes all airport buildings in high detail
  • Highly realistic night time effects
  • Terminal interior included
  • Highly detailed ground textures
  • Accurate runway slope
  • Photo real ground textures covering the surrounding area and the town of Svolvær
  • Custom windsock and flag animations
  • Custom Aircraft marshaller (Autogate plug-in required)
  • Seasonal Textures included (seasons plug-in required)
  • Custom PLASI, Approach and runway light system
  • Custom Aurora Borealis effect”

Aerosoft’s Svolvaer XP is available for €15,08 ($17.94) at the Aerosoft store here .

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FlightFactor A320: Full Cold & Dark Procedure Video

I should’ve done a YouTube channel. Those YouTubers always get the cool stuff first and that makes me jealoooous!!! Popular YouTuber JonFly won today’s “lucky bastard” contest after uploading a video of the anticipated FlightFactor A320, showcasing a full cold & dark start. Head over to his channel here to watch this awesome video. Make sure to subscribe to his channel! Thanks to our reader Maurits for the tip-off!

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Aeroworx C-47 Dakota AVAILABLE (XP10 only)!

Aeroworx released their Douglas C-47 freeware, as announced here. This first release is for X-Plane 10 only with the X-Plane 11 version to follow within the next 24 hours (see this announcement). Download the Aeroworx C-47 for X-Plane 10 here.

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