Developers: Orbx is hiring!

I know some of you aren’t the biggest Orbx fans. Honestly though, I don’t care. I love Orbx and their products and I am looking forward to all those beautiful airfields as announced earlier here. Currently Orbx is hiring and looking for some experienced X-Plane developers to help them convert their scenery to our platform. See what they are looking for (see the original post by Orbx’s Ed Correia here):

“Are you looking for an opportunity to join Orbx as a developer? We are wanting to expand our team of  talented developers as well as find specialists to port many of our published airports for XPlane 11. There will also be opportunities to team up with established developers on current projects. This will be paid contract work.

Developer/assistant developers 

  • proven work published either payware or freeware
  • advanced 3D modelling skills and experience with FSX/P3D SDK tools

XP specific

  • proven experience with the use of porting tools from FSX/P3D to XP

Please send covering details, relevant skills and experience to Links to published works/reviews will be advantageous.”

Whether you like it or not, things are about to get real with Orbx! If you are a developer looking for a new assignment, this might be your chance! Good luck!


The Official FlightDeckX Livery by MB Liveries

One of the most talented livery artists in our community is Matteo Baiocchi of MB Liveries. After some serious “begging” from myself he kindly agreed to create a FlightDeckX livery for X-Plane 11’s stock 737-800. As a little gift from myself you can now download this beautiful piece of art for your own personal use. Download the livery here and make sure to follow the instructions in the included Readme file. Enjoy! And thanks to Matteo, great work buddy!


[EDIT] FlightFactor announces major 757 update! NOW RELEASED!

You heard right, folks! A few hours ago, Ramzzess of FlightFactor announced that their popular Boeing 757 v2 will receive another major update, and apparently that’s gonna happen soon! This update will feature “more than an addition of the -300 and -cargo, its a major update with new dynamics, engines, xp11 effects, new cockpit fonts”. I will keep you updated as more information unfolds!

Thanks to Maurits and Dellanie for the tip-off! Thanks so much guys!

EDIT: A product page for a Boeing 757 v2 Professional Extended Upgrade has been added to the .org store so this is apparently a paid upgrade. According to the page the upgrade price is either $20.00 or $25.00 (both are mentioned). Guess they are still undecided.

EDIT: Aaaand apparently it’s now released. Thanks for everyone leaving a comment with new information!


Featured Freeware: URP Lite for X-Plane 11

Thanks to this post of AirDailyX I was made aware of the release of Predrag Drobac’s Ultimate Realism Pack Lite for X-Plane 11. I remember this developer’s name from my P3D days, but I never used any of his mods. Anyway, this free mod features custom ReShade shaders and a LUA file to greatly enhance X-Plane’s general look and stock clouds, greatly enhancing the visual realism of your sim! See what URP Lite does:

I just tried it and I am absolutely thrilled! I was more and more getting unhappy with xEnviro and Skymaxx Pro. xEnviro is nice, but it lacks certain features I absolutely miss, such as the weather radar compatibility. Skymaxx Pro on the other hand performs really poor on my system. However, thanks to Ultimate Realism Pack Lite for X-Plane 11 I am back at stock clouds for now! The clouds are still not perfect yet, but they do look decent enough now to give them a chance! Get Ultimate Realism Pack Lite for X-Plane 11 for free here.


Attitude Simulations KTTF Custer RELEASED!

The long wait is finally over. Attitude Simulations unique masterpiece scenery KTTF Custer: The Gate to the Great Lakes has now been released and is available for only $24.95 exclusively at X-Aviation here! Also make sure to read this announcement by Cameron of X-Aviation earlier this week:


It is with a lot of excitement that I get to announce a new developer and product today!

Attitude Simulations has come aboard with X-Aviation to produce a new series of regions in the X-Plane scenery world. The first series/regions of sceneries will fall under the title of ‘The Gate to the Great Lakes‘ and will feature numerous regions (both cities and airports) within the State of Michigan that when purchased together will give you an entire region of unparalleled detail never before seen in X-Plane! The amount of work that has gone into producing this series is immense, and we are absolutely certain you will be in awe of what you see when you get a chance to see it in sim for yourself!

The Gate to the Great Lakes series will feature Custer Airfield (KTTF), Ann Arbor Municipal Airport (KARB), Erie International Airport (KERI), Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport (KDTW), and Mackinac Island Airport (KMCD). More may be added depending on how the community reacts to this type of scenery, so if you like what you see here (and we really hope you do), please consider supporting this type of development with your purchase. This is a very dedicated, hard working team of people, and there are other regions outside of Michigan already in the works!

The first airport and region to be released will be Custer Airfield (KTTF). We are pleased to announce it will be available for purchase this weekend! Subsequent regions as listed above will be released after Custer and are already very far into development.”

KTTF is nothing less than a true masterpiece. A full in-depth review of this wonderful scenery is available here. If you still have any doubts (what is wrong with you???) see Ved Merchants awesome promo video here. And now enough with the excuses. You wanted the best quality for X-Plane, now you got it. Support Attitude and buy this scenery if you want to see more quality releases of this kind!

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