Aerobask Panthera: FMOD sound update announced!

Aerobask take good care of their fleet. Today they announced a soon-to-come FMOD sound pack for their Pipistrel Panthera. Have a first look at the sound pack in this YouTube video here. The update will be free for all current customers!


xEnviro 1.08 Developer Update

Earlier today, Andrey Sheybak of xEnviro uploaded new screenshots showcasing the current development version of xEnviro’s next major update 1.08. A rather short but meaningful announcement accompanied these shots:

“A couple of screenshots showing what is now possible with 1.08”

Although there is no official announcement regarding any additional features in 1.08 available yet, these screenshots clearly show all-new and impressive water effects and seasonal representation. It remains to be seen if all these features make it into the release version but judging from these shots, xEnviro’s future does look bright indeed.

If you’re interested in the development of this great software, also have a look at our Q&A with Andrey Sheybak back in August!


Featured Freeware: C72 Cross Winds by EvilNando

Armando Alva, member of the AeroSim crew, recently released a true freeware gem over at C72 Cross Winds is a small airfield north of Spokane, WA. As you can see above, it also features an open hangar which is just perfect for your ASDG Super Cub!

If you are a fan of general aviation, this scenery is definitely something for you, I can tell you that much! Download is accessible under the link above.


Aerobask Diamond DA62: New Screenshot showcasing Texture Work

Another important screenshot I don’t want to hide from you is coming from Aerobask. Following their first renders of their upcoming Diamond DA62 back in mid October, the team now published a single screenshot from almost the same angle as the earlier render from mid October, showcasing their beautiful texture work! Indeed looking great!

Unfortunately no ETA is available yet, I will let you know once this bird comes closer to release!

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