Khamsin DHC-1 Chipmunk ready for X-Plane 11!

Khamsin released an X-Plane 11 compatible version of their Chipmunk some days ago. Now judging the screenshots the DHC-1 looks fabulous with the new PBR textures. This makes me wonder when the compatibility patch for Khamin’s P51-D Mustang will see the light of day. After all this was my favourite classic fighter in X-Plane 10! Leave your thoughts about the Update in the comments section below.


vFlyteAir Twin Comanche released!

Following a series of single engine GA aircrafts vFlyteAir recently released their first twin engine! The Piper PA30 Twin Comanche is claimed to be fully X-Plane 11-compatible (including usage of the all new FMOD sound system promising superior sound immersion). Grab it now on

EDIT 7/8/2017: Our partner Q8Pilot has uploaded a First Look and Review video to his channel. Have a look at it here.


Aerosoft announces Bali WADD!

In their recent efforts to push the platform Aerosoft also announced the development of WADD Bali. According to the announcement development is already in the beta stages so we should be able to get our hands on this beauty soon. Have a look at the link above for a full set of screenshots.


Aerosoft’s EDDF Mega Airport Frankfurt v2 coming to X-Plane

Now this is great news indeed! Aerosoft today confirmed rumors that they are working on a conversion of their Mega Airport Frankfurt v2. According to the post they are still early in development. I think it’s great to see more and more devs coming to X-Plane. In case of Aerosoft I think we all can agree that the conversion of their existing Mega Airport line-up will be much appreciated by the community. Click the above source link to see the full set of screenshots.


LHsimulations releases Sármellék for X-Plane 11

Well known among the FSX/P3D community for their outstanding LHBP Budapest scenery LHsimulations also released some of their freeware scenery for X-Plane in the past. Recently they updated their FlyBalaton Sármellék LHSM freeware to X-Plane 11. I can tell you, these guys know what they are doing. Have a look at their freeware here.


FlightFactor A320 announced

FlightFactor announced already some time ago that they are developing a study-level simulation of the iconic Airbus A320. Now remember, FlightFactor is known for their Boeing simulations. It will be interesting to see what these guys will be able to accomplish on the other side of the pond. In their announcement post FlightFactor stated that they began a cooperation with a a group of developers to work on a “real training simulation for pilots”. They claim the simulation will be at a totally different system depth than their Profession series models. FlightDeckX will keep you updated.


“Yes, it is great to do X-Plane sites!”

Hello there folks and welcome at, your newest growing ressource for news, reviews and basically any information related to the exciting world of X-Plane.

My name is Ollie and I am the host of this site. I am an enthusiastic X-Plane user as many of you are (and if you read this I am quite confident that you are). Whenever I find the time I take a plane through the air. When I don’t find the time I still regularly check my cellphone for the newest updates, rumours etc. You get the point… 😉

Lately I find myself more and more checking a rather long list of websites and forums just to keep myself up to date. I started to wonder why there are so few X-Plane dedicated news sites reporting on a daily basis. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of websites covering X-Plane, but they all seem to lack dedication since they usually focus more on those other sims we all know.

That’s when I got the idea to start a new site that covers all those topics I need to search for myself. I believe this might come handy for all those people out there that are as enthusiastic as me.

To make sure that Laminar Research (that’s the developer of X-Plane, in case anybody shouldn’t know) was fine with the way I planned this site to be (you know, logo, color schemes, copyright issues, those kind of things) I contacted Austin Meyer, who is basically the creator of this wonderful simulation platform called X-Plane 11. Austin replied only a few hours later with the words that got my motivation cookin’: “Yes, it is great to do X-Plane sites!”

Long story short, there we are now!

Have fun at! All news. All X-Plane.

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