#freeware: iBueYonder The HERON’S NEST XP RELEASED!!!

Bill Womack just released his debut The Heron’s Nest XP for X-Plane 11 for free! See the release announcement:

“You know you’ve always wanted this. It’s your own island, jutting out into the wild Atlantic, far away from the crowds. There’s just enough space for you, your cabin, and your trusty bush plane. This is no patch of smooth asphalt. No sir, you’ll need fat tires to land on the undulating dirt strip that bisects the island. Then again, if you wanted the easy life, you wouldn’t have picked a spot in the icy reaches of Maine, would you? And just to spice things up, there’s a float base down the hill from the cabin. It’s not fancy, but there’s covered parking and a dock if you decide to have some friends tie up. The fishing is pretty good, too. If all this sounds good to you, then you’ll be pleased to know that the price for this little bit of paradise is surprisingly affordable.”

Head over to iBlueYonder’s website here to get your free copy of this terrific scenery! Thanks Bill Womack!

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Aviotek OMDB Dubai Renders!

New renders of Aviotek’s OMDB Dubai popped up on Facebook today (see the first set of renders published in October here). See this announcement:

“Some more renders of Dubai Airport! The airport area is reaching the finish line, there are of course many other things to do from scratch (like Concourse D jetways and bridges, 3D taxiway indicator etc.). We can’t wait to populate this beauty with 3D characters and animated vehicles! Let us know your thoughts, we appreciate constructive criticism”

This looks so awesome! Looking forward to texturing!

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Just Flight Turbo Arrow III/IV RELEASE IMMINENT!

A few minutes ago Just Flight announced via Facebook that their upcoming PA-28R Turbo Arrow III/IV will be “coming very soon”. Stay tuned!

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SIDs & STARs for the FF A350?

Owners of the FlightFactor A350 XWB are certainly aware that this bird lacks an important feature, and that is SID/STAR support. It is well known that this promised feature never arrived since QPAC (who worked on the A350 together with FlightFactor) never finished the job.

The developer of the recently announced ToLiSs A319 made an interesting claim now. See this announcement (find the original announcement here):

“As soon as this thing works smoothly, the FMGS will be transported into the A350!”

Before you all get your forks and torches, as a little reminder, ToLiSs is not QPAC so they can’t be held responsible for the A350 disaster. To be exact, ToLiSs inherited the FBW and Autopilot system from the QPAC A320, see this quote: “We have inherited the FBW and AP system from the QPAC A320 and have added a completely new FMGS to it.”

Anyway, a new FMGS for the A350 is certainly terrific news. I would love to buy the A350 but without SID/STAR support, this bird basically is a dumbed down flying brick to me!

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AFM Mooney M20R News Update!

Advanced Flight Modeling just made a huge announcement with regard to their promising M20R Ovation II & III. Yes you heard right, the team is now also working on the Ovation III, which will be free for existing customers. See the full announcement:

Ovation II:

We are still working away on updates to the M20R Ovation II!
Updates coming soon to the plane in the next update, or to shortly follow are:

  • TKS Antice System (Interface panel, fluid drain, 3D antice objects, etc., all simulated to match the real aircraft’s system)
  • FMOD Sound Updates! We are refining, tuning, and adding lots of the sound system
  • Full instruction manual on how to use the simulated aspects of the aircraft, this would be in addition to the currently existing POH/AFM included in the plane.
  • Upgrades to the persistent system to include more items
  • Knob Acceleration setting (optional) to make the knobs spin non-linearly when held down, to speed knob rotation.
  • Texture upgrades!

There are a lot more upgrades to follow, that is the stuff we have been/are currently working on at this moment.

Ovation III:

We have started working more on the Ovation III! It will run as a separate aircraft. There will be no charge to existing customers! The price of the M20R for new customers will slightly increase after release. We are planning on many awesome features to integrate with the Ovation III including:

  • A whole new panel, incorporating the Laminar Research G1000!
  • A reimplemented variant of the AFM Advanced Electrical System we initially developed for the Ovation II. This system is detailed beyond the circuit breaker level and runs with a negligible performance impact. We will configure as much as we can for the Ovation III/G1000 changes within limits of the simulator.
  • Performance upgrades of the Ovation III: 310HP engine with maximum RPM at 2700 rpm vs. 280HP with a maximum at 2500 rpm of the Ovation II.
  • An increase of fuel tank capacity to 130 gallons, extending the maximum range to more than 2,400nm!
  • New liveries to match the Ovation III. Ovation II liveries should work with the new variant, but that will be based on development that is still in the works.

Let us know of anything more you want to see integrated into the plane, and we certainly will investigate it.”

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