MisterX6 KABQ Albuquerque: NEW SCREENSHOTS!

Don’t want to hide these latest screenshots from you, showcasing MisterX6’s upcoming KABQ ALbuquerque! For the full set of screenshots, head over to the development thread at x-plane.org here. Sure looks like we can buy this soon!



Yet another exciting feature update has been released today by VSKYLABS! The VSKYLABS Tecnam P2006T is now available in version v4.0. See the full release announcement:

“The VSKYLABS Tecnam P2006T version v4.0 was just released! The new package is including two separate models: The Analog and the G1000 variants. The upgrade is, of course, free for all former buyers. Both models of the new version v4.0 are X-Plane 11.05 models, but they were evaluated thoroughly with X-Plane 11.10 beta (so they are practically “X-Plane 11.10 ready” models). However, the G1000 is fully functional only when using X-Plane 11.10+ (including betas). X-Plane 10.51 model is no longer included in the package.

You are invited to visit the project’s page. The G1000 variant online quick-guide is under construction and will soon be added to the project’s page.”

The VSKYLABS Tecnam P2006T v4.0 is available for just $28.50 directly from VSKYLABS own store here and it’s absolutely worth it! Very fun plane to fly with!


Honeycomb teams up with Aerosoft!

Look at this yoke! Isn’t it pretty? I am patiently waiting to get my hands on this. Since I live in Europe I had my doubts at first if this would ever be available on my side of the pond. Thankfully, Honeycomb teamed up with Aerosoft, who will be Honeycomb’s European retail channel. Great news, indeed! The new range of Honeycomb Aeronautical products, that is the Alpha Flight Controls Yoke & Switch Panel and the Bravo Throttle Quadrant, are expected to be available from Q1 2018. Time to get excited everyone!!!


Seasons Are Coming: MaxxXP Announce TerraMAXX

Today, MaxxXP published screenshots of their latest tool TerraMAXX, obviously showcasing a tool that’s able to introduce seasons into X-Plane! Not a single piece of official information accompanied these screenshots other than this:

“Three and half years in the making, TerraMAXX will transform your X-Plane world. More info coming soon…….”

Well, well, well, I am not entirely sure if I should be hyped about this. After all, I fly exclusively over orthoimagery. I can’t even imagine ever flying over repetitive stock scenery again. What do you think about this? Anyhow, I am still curious to see what MaxxXP will come up with. As they said, more info coming soon…


Review of Attitude’s “KTTF Custer: The Gate to the Great Lakes” ONLINE!

Alright Ladies and Gents! Another major scenery release is about to happen any day. Attitude Simulations is about to publish their debut scenery, KTTF Custer: The Gate to the Great Lakes and they were kind enough to grant me access to a pre-release copy of this magnificent scenery.

There is only one more thing we need to know. Does their debut satisfy or disappoint? Find out in our latest review here.

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