Attitude KTTF Custer Monroe RELEASE IMMINENT!

A few minutes ago, Steaven of Attitude Simulations announced that their debut scenery KTTF Custer Monroe will be available soon via X-Aviation. See the full announcement:

“After multiple hold ups and additions the final copy of KTTF is being uploaded and sent to Cameron at X-Aviation. This has been a fun ride. Thanks to everyone that has contributed and supported me in the last few years.Thanks as well to my awesome team, Kacey, Elias & James Brown!”

I was really looking forward to this scenery and I will certainly do a review of this fine scenery as soon as possible!


alpilotx HD Mesh v4 ANNOUNCED!

A few hours ago, alpilotx announced version 4 of his popular HD Mesh Scenery in the German Aerosoft forums here.

As in the past, version 4 will be a full replacement for the default scenery. The scenery is currently under beta, release is said to be in 2-6 weeks. Stay tuned! Thanks to our friends of the German news site for these news!


VSKYLABS Tecnam P2006T: Major Update Announced

JetManHuss of VSKYLABS is back with an exciting announcement regarding his Tecnam P2006T:

“Hi Exciting news today! The VSKYLABS Tecnam P2006T is about to have a major update! As planned…in addition to the ongoing improvements to the existing aircraft, a brand new G1000 version is going to be added to the package (!) The G1000 aircraft will be usable only with X-Plane 11.10+ but it is fully operational also with the current 11.10 beta. The release of this update to the VSKYLABS Tecnam P2006T is going to happen…very soon 

You are invited to visit the project’s page at:


PannonWings LHDK Dunakeszi RELEASED!

Jó napot kívánok! X-Plane fans from Hungary might like the recent release by PannonWings. LHDK Dunakeszi is a small airfield North of Budapest, and as such, a perfect starting location for any VFR flight over this beautiful Eastern European city. See the full feature set:

  • High resolution orthophoto ground textures
  • 3D grass
  • Custom static aircrafts
  • 100% photoreal textures
  • More than 3.000 detailed, handplaced objects
  • Bonus: Special Malév Aero Club livery for default C-172″

Get PannonWings’ LHDK Dunakeszi for only $15.00 at the store here.


BFDG UH-60 Blackhawk receives X-Plane 11 Update!

A few minutes ago the Brazilian FlightSim Development Group announced the release of version 2 of their UH-60 Blackhawk. See the announcement and changelog:

“The BFDG Studio brings you the updated BFDG UH60 Blackhawk v2.0 for X-Plane 11+ including models for the Sikorsky UH-60 BlackHawk / SH-60 Seahawk and HH-60 Pavehawk and a lot more.


  • UH60 BlackHawk with several variant 3D models
  • Nice real UH60 Blackhawk sounds
  • 14 High-res custom textures, gauges and systems
  • Animated flight controls, rotor axis and blades
  • Detailed virtual cockpit and cabin with animated switches, knobs and levers
  • Realistic Flight Characteristics
  • Animated gunner windows with retractable M134’s
  • Animated pilot and cargo doors
  • Stability augmentation system
  • Passengers in or out just in a click
  • Hoist down with a rescueman just in a click
  • A HRST rope extraction to 5 men just in a click
  • A slung load with some crates in a cargo net just in a click
  • GPS – Autopilot – NOE Flight mode
  • Nice flight model tested by real helo pilots
  • English manual – user friendly – checklists

Changelog V2.0

  • Fully XP11+ compatibility
  • New 3D adds including the SH60 Seahawk and HH60 Pavehawk mod packs, crates for cargo, a refueling probe, new pilots, P1/P2 views available for flight, a nose FLIR model, gunners and seats can be removed, earplugs for volume attenuation, all available on BFDG Menu
  • New fuselage UV mapping with 14 new high-res textures for the entire aircraft, as follows: 2 civilian textures; 3 from Brazil including one from Brazilian Airforce, one from the Brazilian Navy, and one from the Brazilian Army; 3 from the US including one olive green from US Army and two black textures including a black medevac texture); one texture from the Mexican Federal Police; 2 from the US Coast Guard Jayhawk including one red/white and a second yellow; one white texture for the United Nations; one texture from the US Navy; and one of the VIP VH60 from the US government.
  • All gauges and switches manipulators corrected from v1.1 and adjusted, now including a lot of new custom gauges and high-res panel textures
  • Garmin G530 installed
  • Completely rebuilt flight dynamics
  • All contact points adjusted from v1.1″

Get the BFDG UH-60 for just $24.95 at the store here. Thanks to Morten for the tip-off!

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