A Sky Story & JetStream Designs announce collaboration!

Exciting news coming in from A Sky Story who gifted us with their outstanding #freeware of LFBD Bordeaux! A few days ago they announced their collaboration with well-known developer JetStream Designs who are responsible for some outstanding FSX/P3D scenery. I especially remember their LIML Milano Linate, which I loved back in my P3D days.

Anyway, not much more to write about yet unfortunately as the banner above is all the information that was published thus far. However, I am pretty hyped. Will we see new payware airports? Will we see conversions of JetStream’s products? Who knows? I’ll let you know as soon as we know more!

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VSKYLABS SF-25 Falke will be READY FOR VR!

I’m personally years away from owning a VR device but after seeing this bird I can fairly understand why folks get all excited about this new hype! That said, JetManHuss of VKSYLABS is working like a horse to bring you another fully VR capable bird into your sims. Look what the man has to say about his latest project:

“The VSKYLABS SF-25 Falke Project is going to be the first VSKYLABS 2018 release! To follow the VR movement that we are experiencing nowadays, the aircraft will be an all-aspect VR ready 

Next week will be dedicated to complete the build of the flight manual and instructions, so expect a rapid progress in the project’s web-page […], as it will get filled with everything you need to know about this classic bird and how to fly it. In addition, the simple-to-use, yet complete paint-kit will also be prepared.

As in all of VSKYLABS project, the **RELEASE** point is only its public birth-day. Development continues as it is getting matured, to follow the project’s own growth plans (and in the light of users feedback), but not only…as it must also follow X-Plane’s growth and evolution vector (and LR are not stopping pushing forward). Anyways…very exciting!”

Check out this preview video on YouTube to see this bird in action. Bear in mind, though, this video is already slightly outdated (with some missing additions and fixes to the cockpit, placards, older sound version…), but still gives a good look and feel of the VSKYLABS Falke.

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HSimulators Announce AMAZONIA!

HSimulators, creator of the Grand Arctic Scenery, now announced their next project which will apparently cover Amazonia. Unfortunately all we have seen thus far is the single screenshot you can see above. However, I am sure more screenshots will pop up on the web soon. That said, I hear good things about the arctic scenery so personally I have no doubt that this will be another winner! We’ll see!

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Under Development: AirNavMap for iOS!

Introducing new developers certainly belongs to my favorite things to do as a news author. If you’re an active member of the online community you might have even heard of Jan Chaloupecky before. Jan recently contacted me to talk about his new project AirNavMap which is currently under development. AirNavMap is an iOS app with detailed aeronautical maps, charts and live data from X-Plane and PilotEdge including ATC. It claims to be an affordable Electronic Flight Bag for simulator pilots. See what Jan has to say about his project:

“I was looking for a nice looking yet affordable iPad app that offers some navigation functionality. Most of the apps such as ForeFlight or SkyDemon are very nice but also very pricy so I started to work on AirNavMap.

This is my 1st X-Plane or simulation related project and I’m working on it in my free time besides by regular job. The project became quickly huge as I’m using the public navigation data directly from FAA that I have to parse and process myself. This also means that only the US will be covered in the 1strelease. I hope I will be able to get in touch with Navigraph to include their word-wide data in the future.

Meanwhile I also started to fly on PilotEdge and I wanted to have the ability to listen the ATC and see the traffic even when I’m not flying X-Plane. I contacted Keith from PilotEdge and he kindly allowed me to use their audio service in AirNavMap. I believe it’s a nice feature will that allow users to listen to the ATC without logging in to PilotEdge which I believe is useful for ATC training purposes. Note that I’m not affiliated to PilotEdge 😉

I’m aiming to release a usable version first and then add more features gradually with the feedback of the community to find out which are the most wanted features. so feel free to follow the project facebook page.”

See the planned feature set:

  • X-Plane live position on the map
  • Display many data from X-Plane
  • Detailed aeronautical maps with updated nav cycles
  • Different map styles (dark, light, terrain, satellite, aeronautical)
  • Flight Planning
  • Sectional VFR charts
  • IFR high/low enroute charts
  • Weather overlays
  • Live PilotEdge traffic
  • Live PilotEdge ATC audio
  • Set the nav radio frequencies X-Plane by selecting them on the map
  • ATIS
  • More to come ..

Sounds all really promising thus far. Check out this preview video on YouTube hereAirNavMap is planned to enter closed beta in Q1 2018. Expect release thereafter in the second quarter of the year. If you’re interested in the project, make sure to give Jan a Like on the project’s Facebook page here.

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FlyJSim 732 TwinJet V3 Professional RELEASED!

By now everyone probably knows already that FlyJSim released their much anticipated 732 TwinJet V3 Professional! Anyhow, if you’ve missed this release, now you don’t have anymore excuses. You gotta get this bird, it’s utterly awesome and amazingly beautiful (check out this post for a nice set of screenshots)!

Feature-wise I won’t repost the full feature set here as it’s ridiculously long. For the full and impressive feature list check out the x-plane.org store here. Price-wise this is not a cheap add-on but sure it is a product that promises countless hours of joy! However, if you already own the previous version then you’ll get a 50% discount on this latest version 3! Awesome!

Get FlyJSim’s 732 TwinJet V3 Professional now for $69.95 at the x-plane.org store here.

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