Omar Masroor’s KDFW Dallas receives Major Update!

Yep, that’s a big one. Aerosoft’s Airport Dallas/Fort Worth International by Omar Masroor received a major feature update. See the release announcement:

The best DFW scenery gets even better.

Hi everyone. I’m pleased to announce a free major update to DFW that includes a whopping 30 improvements/fixes for issues reported to me by the community and that I noticed myself. Thank you to everyone who sent me messages/posted on my topics pointing out the various different issues. Here are the changes:

  • All scenery elements are now correctly aligned with the ground layout
  • New custom files for World Traffic v3 and updated files for X-Life v2.0 support
  • LAHSO lights now stay on during the day and pulsate at the FAA-designated rate (1.72s ON, 0.46s OFF)
  • Added missing MALSR approach lighting on Runway 31R
  • Added missing taxiway centerline + edge lights and intermediate hold short markings on the aircraft overpasses
  • Added missing apron lights on the underside of the Skylink tracks
  • Added AutoGate marshallers to eligible gates/stands with no A-VDGS
  • Added missing night lighting on the Skylink cars and tracks
  • Added missing jet blast deflectors throughout the airport
  • Added the three missing ramp towers
  • Added the two missing radar towers with animated spinning dishes
  • Added the missing American flag and American Airlines plaque at the Terminal A-C Connector
  • Added the missing Maverick VOR/DME structure
  • Added missing parking sheds north of Terminal E
  • Added missing fuel tanks at well drilling sites throughout the airport
  • Added wind-dependent ATC traffic flows to runways and one-way directionality to parallel taxi routes
  • Added the service roads that run parallel to International Pkwy
  • Fixed streetlights protruding through the aircraft overpasses
  • Fixed Skylink track pillars protruding through PBBs and GSE
  • Fixed visual artifacts on the aircraft overpasses
  • Fixed default AI aircraft not using the airport
  • Fixed color of high-pressure sodium apron lights and added an individual ‘billboard’ for each lamp housing
  • Fixed PBBs not connected to the Terminal B Stinger
  • Fixed position of RIDS displays for Gates B1-B3
  • Fixed flickering parts of the Skylink tracks
  • Fixed visible seams between orthoimagery tiles
  • Fixed sky visibility through translucent windows
  • Fixed missing interior wall sections of Terminals A-C & E
  • Fixed flickering interior wall sections of Terminal D
  • Reduced the probability of incorrect airlines at Terminals D & E when using the MisterX static aircraft library

New custom files for World Traffic v3:

Updated files for X-Life v2.0:

The update for both the X-Plane 10 and X-Plane 11 versions of the scenery has been pushed to Aerosoft today and should be released to customers soon.

If you have any questions regarding the changes, please feel free to ask.”

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VSKYLABS DC-3 now ready for VR!

This is one hell of an airplane and certainly one of VSKYLABS best products thus far! VSKYLABS’s popular DC-3/C-47 now received an update to allow VR operations of this beautiful aircraft. See the announcement:

“A VR-related update for the VSKYLABS DC-3/C-47 Flying Lab Project was just released! It is a minor update only, allowing full VR operations, as a preparation for X-Plane 11.20 (now beta). The update is ONLY for the X-Plane 11 version of the aircraft within the package, setting it to v2.5b (January 8 2018). The VSKYLABS DC-3/C-47 Flying Lab Project is now ready for full VR experience with X-Plane 11.20, which is currently in beta phase. Both Yokes, all levers, knobs, switches, handles – including the lower and aft landing gears and flaps handles are defined for VR operations. The project is nowadays undergoing a major testing and evaluation for VR operations, and further VR related refinements and additions are to be expected. The package is also undergoing a massive development process, which will result in a series of amazing upcoming updates! Cheers! JetManHuss 

Following yesterday’s update v2.5b VSKYLABS released another bugfix update v2.5c today. This bugfix release fixes “issues with opposite pitch inputs”!

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Skyline previews KORD Chicago O’Hare!

First of all I am terribly sorry I didn’t post any news yesterday. I was totally busy painting my kitchen (boy that sucked) and I just didn’t find the time. That being said, have a look at Skyline’s latest three preview screenshots of their upcoming KORD Chicago O’Hare Intl posted yesterday on their Facebook page here. As covered here KORD Chicago O’Hare Intl is developed “using the latest technologies like PBR materials, custom mesh etc. Textures in FullHD and performance friendly!”. Cool!

Skyline’s KORD Chicago O’Hare Intl should be available in the not too distant future since it’s already 75% completed. Yay!

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EDDK Köln/Bonn Airport #freeware announced!

Huge news for all German X-Plane fans and basically anyone flying in Germany! Community member Cedric Gauche announced EDDK Köln/Bonn Airport! The Airport which is currently in beta will be released as freeware once the beta stage is over, which is expected in about one or two months. Judging from these screenshots this is a massive freeware project. See the full announcement:

“Hello everybody, Cologne EDDK is going in to beta today  and I expect release as a freeware in about 1-2 months. 


  • 2017 Layout
  • XP11 native
  • 3D Grass
  • Custom 3D Buidlings
  • Autogate
  • Docking System (Terminal 2)”

Follow the project over at here. I’ll let you know when this becomes available!


ToLiSs A319 Teaser Videos!

As we approach the release of the ToLiSs A319which claims to be a study-level simulation of the actual aircraft, preview videos from the beta test team pop up on the web!

That said, here are two interesting teasers for you to enjoy. One is available on Twitch here, the other one is hosted on YouTube here.

I really wonder what y’all think about this model. I wonder if this will live up to its big brother, the FlightFactor A320! We’ll know soon. Release is scheduled for this month. Stay tuned!

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