REX Sky Force 3D coming to X-Plane?

REX recently released their newest product Sky Force 3D for the ESP platforms. Sky Force 3D is a complete overhaul of the weather and environmental experience and a direct competitor of HiFi’s Active Sky (which is coming to X-Plane, see here)! However, Sky Force 3D claims to add cloud streets, super cells, wall clouds, funnel, shelf, rain shaft and tornado’s to the sim. Unfortunately, the wrong sims (you guessed it, the screenshot above was not taken in X-Plane)! At least for now!

REX already announced some while ago that they had X-Plane 11 on their radar. Unfortunately it got really quiet around their plans for X-Plane last year and I started to lose hope. Until today that is! A fellow simmer asked if Sky Force 3D will be coming to X-Plane and this was REX’s reply:

“That is the plan.”

Add-Ons of the likes of Terraflora or TerraMaxx might just be the start! Let’s just hope 2018 will be the year X-Plane finally gets decent seasonal and weather representation!


X-Drop v1.21 RELEASED!

I’ve never heard of this particular plug-in before and yet X-Drop is already at version 1.21, which was released earlier today! X-Drop is a plugin for X-Plane 10 and 11 which can be used to drop parachutes (and other objects) from your plane. Changes over previous versions are:

“New in this release is the possibility to let the dropped objects leave a smoke trail. The appearance of the smoke trails can be user configured.”

Aaaand apparently it’s now fully compatible with X-Plane 11 as the original release announcement here claims (the product page on the .org store still mentions X-Plane 10 only). The plug-in is available for just $14.95 at the store here.


Rising Dawn KRAL Riverside: New Teaser!

Just a single but beautiful new teaser of Rising Dawn’s anticipated KRAL Riverside Muni made it out on Facebook today. Click on it to view the image in fullscreen! And now follow my words: “We need humans!” 😛


Best Of 2017: X-Plane’s Best General Aviation Products!

Although I’ve missed my personal deadline for this Best Of I still wanted to publish this as soon as possible. After all, we had some great releases in 2017 and every developer that contributed in bringing our hobby forward deserves some acknowledgment of his work.

That said, I’m a GA man. I do fly airliners regularly but not nearly as much as I should to claim that I am qualified for a rating of these products. That would not be fair to the developers and to you, my dear readers! This Best Of is therefore showcasing products of GA relevant categories only.

All that said, here are our personal Best Of 2017:

General Aviation Aircraft:

  1. Just Flight Piper PA-28R Turbo Arrow III/IV:
    Even more refined than the earlier released Arrow III this bad boy is a revolution for General Aviation in X-Plane and a joy to fly!
  1. Aerobask Velocity V-Twin:
    Outstanding texture work and sound is featured by this well-deserved silver medalist!

  1. ASDG Piper PA-18 Super Cub:
    Still under constant development and already a legend for GA pilots!

Honorable Mention: With the Piper Arrow III v5.0 and the Cirrus SR20 G1000 v2.5 (see our review) developer vFlyteAir released two major updates for their existing line-up that almost made it into the Top 3! Be sure to check them out, you’ll love them both!

General Aviation Scenery:

  1. Airfoillabs KAWO Arlington Area UHD:
    A winner by surprise thanks to this beautiful work of art!

  1. Attitude Simulations KTTF Custer:
    Although only the first release of Attitude Simulations this product already deserves to be among the best! Find our review here!

  1. Turbulent Designs KIDA Idaho Falls X-Plane Edition:
    Another X-Plane debutant delivered top quality scenery. This is definitely recommended for all GA and regional airliner operations. Review available here.

Honorable Mention: Rising Dawn Studios barely missed the Top 3 with their KHAF Half Moon bay. This scenery still deserves to be on everyone’s radar! See our review to learn why!

Areal Scenery:

  1. FSC Dolomiti 3D by Frank Dainese:
    No wonder Frank Dainese’s masterpiece leads the pack! This is not only the best areal scenery of 2017 but also among the best ever released. See here why!

  1. Aerosoft Svalbard4XPlane:
    A beautiful adventure awaits in this latest product by Aerosoft. Don’t miss our review here!

  1. US Orthophoto Project by Forkboy2:
    This is the only freeware project that made it in our Best Of. Thanks to Forkboy2’s efforts we now have almost complete ortho coverage for the US utilizing color corrected imagery from legal sources. Definitely check this out and consider a donation!


  1. rkApps XPRealistic Pro:
    Cheap and easy to use, this plug-in greatly enhances immersion. A no-brainer for everyone!

  1. openVFR IcebergsXP:
    I just love these icebergs in the sim!

  1. Classic Jet Simulations World Traffic 3:
    Version 3 of this AI traffic tool is now easier to use than ever. A solid third place.

Congratulations to all winners! Make sure to support them with your wallets! They certainly deserve it!



It took me much longer than anticipated to review Aerosoft’s latest offering Svalbard4XPlane. Eventually I got it done, though, so I am humbled to present to you my latest review of this true Nordic gem!

Follow this link to go directly to my review of Aerosoft’s Svalbard4XPlane. Enjoy!

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