As you know I’ve recently changed the color scheme of the site for various reasons and I did earn some negative critics for doing this. However, usually the loudest of voices doesn’t necessarily speak for the crowd.

So here’s again your opportunity to tell me what you think of the site. Since I do respect the vote of my valued readers I will comply with whatever will be the result of this poll! Thanks for taking the time!

How do you like the new color scheme?

  • I miss the blue, bring back the blue immediately! (68%, 55 Votes)
  • Reminds me of my favorite ice cold beverage! I love it! (32%, 26 Votes)

Total Voters: 81

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EDIT: Poll is closed, back to blue! 🙂

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Ross Farquharson

I like the new colour scheme. There will always be critics that will oppose any changes you make. I say go with your gut feeling and make the change. I think alot of x plane websites use blue. The new colour scheme makes FDX stand out. It is not detracting from the main purpose of the site and that is keeping all the X Plane enthusiasts like me informed of the latest news and specials. Keep up the great work.

Y Let

The blue suited FDX so well! It’s sad that it’s gone now though…


(In my opinion)
I feel as if the new colours look tacky and unappealing. The blue that was previously used looked modern, and appeal simultaneously.


Bring back the blue! The new colours feel a bit dated and somewhat “”

Jacques Pienaar

For me the color is not as important as the content and in box i give 10/10 for the new color is not bad at all. Thank you for a great great x-plane news channel that keep us informed.


While I like the new colors, the new two-column tiled layout is really cumbersome on my iPad as it only shows the first two or three words of every title..

To ni

Si, me gusta más un color neutro, me parece más agradable y elegante y permite centrarse más en lo que realmente estas mostrando.
Este color azul me parece muy nien