Some of you were really confused after I posted these screenshots earlier this week. I can now tell you what this is all about. Following their initial release of KHAF Half Moon Bay (see our review), RD Studios later announced KRAL Riverside Municipial. They now announced that they are also working on a L.A. Landmark Pack which will ship with KRAL once it is out. So no, this is not X-Plane 11.10, but you will see this in 11.10 once you purchased KRAL (you get the pun, right?). See the official announcement:

“Happy Friday Guys,

I have great news!
After the successful release of KHAF Half Moon Bay, and early work done on KRAL Riverside, let me show you something new today! Some of you might have seen 4 mysterious preview shots on, but this is the first time I’m making an announcement.

This is a preview of some extra content which I will release together with Riverside Municipal Airport (and I’m aiming to have both of them ready before the end of 2017). I’m calling it the Los Angeles Landmark Pack, and well, it does what it sounds like. The City of Angels has an iconic skyline, and many interesting landmarks scattered throught – and so far they have never been realized in X-plane properly, at least as far as I know. So I decided to model all those important landmarks which makes LA so unique. The preview you see today is not everything that I have planned, I will most likely add some more stuff before and later after the release of KRAL. Of course I won’t model every building in LA (with packs like US West Real Life, you get a fairly accurate representation anyway), just the ones that are prominent, and give LA it’s character. 

It’s a value added product, extra content that comes bundled with KRAL Riverside. As such, it won’t be as detailed as the airport itself, but as you can see it from the screenshots, I think the quality is good enough for such a project. For helo pilots, I have to say sorry, but no helipads on rooftops – looking at Laminar’s magnificent rooftop helipads, I decided that it would be too much time to create something of a similar quality – at least for a side project. So if you are rooftop-hopping helo pilot, this is not for you, but other than that, I’m sure you’ll love it! Top top it off, all objects come with night lighting and ambient occlusion effects, so it’s not just daytime VFR only, but for everyone!
Please consider this as an extra gift bundled with KRAL, and not like a full product in itself (KRAL’s sale price will be unaffected). I simply want to give people a better LA experience since I really love to fly in SOCAL and LA areas, and I was missing these landmarks from the sim. Also, because of it’s nature (and because of the various different areas covered) the pack won’t have orthophotos supplied – unlike Riverside Airport, which will of course come with orthos. Orthophots are easy to come by anyway (I highly recommend Forkboy excellent orthophotos), and most people have them already. This pack is also fully compatible with US West Real Life by Slai – which is an excellent addon by the way.

Now, let me show some screenshots and the content at the current stage! I won’t be referring to specific objects by name, let the screenshots speak instead (the excellent Reshade/Sweetfx preset with its lively colors is courtesy of Filou, and all the screenshots features Forkboy’s orthos, click for full-size)!”

See here for more screenshots.

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This is fantastic. I’ve been loving the short VFR flights from KHAF to KSFO so I’m looking forward to trips down to LA as well