In case you missed last night’s Q&A live stream with the developers of X-Plane there is a copy available here. A lot of interesting topics have been discussed:

  • Ground handling/screeching tire noise: Austin has worked on the ground handling for 11.10 to reduce the screeching noise. He will also add a rate limiter for nose wheel steering to prevent unwanted skidding. Version 11.10 will enter beta in a few weeks.
  • Ground shake bug: This will be fixed in 11.10.
  • New sounds for default aircrafts: Version 11.10 will feature new sounds for the default Beechcraft Baron. These sounds are based on on-site recordings done with professional audio equipment. The team has also done recordings of a PT6 engine for use with the default King Air. These sounds are not completely ready yet and won’t ship with 11.10 though.
  • Plug-in SDK: The plug-in SDK will be updated for 11.10 allowing plug-ins access to v11 features.
  • Airbus Flight Control system: Austin is working on this for 11.10 for some Airbus pilots that want to enter the flight sim business. Austin received a lot a data and feedback from these Airbus pilots to make sure that the system is accurate. This does not mean that Laminar Research will ship an Airbus aircraft. There will only be a checkbox available in Planemaker that – if desired – activates the Airbus flight control system for the specific aircraft.
  • Garmin G1000: Phillip’s all-new Garmin G1000 is coming in 11.10. Feature-wise it will allow for the same possibilities as the current GNS 430 and 530 series (basically if the 430/530 cannot do it, the G1000 will not be able to do it either). Additionally it will feature a terrain map and a weather overlay.
  • Vulkan API: Ben is actively working to port the engine over to Vulkan. Once that is done we can expect framerate improvements, a more predictable performance and, last but not least, no stuttering (to be exact the driver will not be the cause of any stuttering anymore).
  • ATC system: Austin wrote new code to allow aircraft to operate on non-towered fields without any controllers. There is a prototype available already. The system will hopefully be ready for 11.10.
  • Particle system: The new particle system is now finished and reaching a point ready for production. As of right now it is not certain when the new system will be introduced. However the team emphasized that it should come “fairly soon”.
  • Weather: The weather will not receive any bigger updates in the near future (Austin: “at least not this year, that’s for sure”).
  • VR support: Native VR support will come after 11.10. The system will depend on the free Steam VR app, which has to be installed side by side with X-Plane (that applies to all versions of X-Plane 11). It will be possible to use either classic controllers or VR controllers, the VR controllers will provide haptic feedback.
  • Performance: Expect even better framerates in X-Plane 11.10 thanks to one of the new members of the development team who focuses on the increase of overall performance to make the sim VR-ready performance-wise.
  • Seasonal textures: These are not going to happen anytime soon. At this point of time the development of such a feature would lock development down as Laminar Research would have to update all of their textures each time they change something.
  • Patent troll issue: The patent is now overturned and the matter is resolved. In other words, they won their case.

Exciting times for our great community! The outlook is great and I am excited to see all those new features once 11.10 is out!

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Excellent report. I was going to watch the video but …. this summary tells it all. 🙂