X-Plane Scenery Map

Here’s how it works:

Feel free to add any payware scenery or scenery of equal quality to this map! Please do not add Gateway airports. In case you’re looking for a specific Gateway airport, check out x-plane.cleverest.eu’s Gateway Map.

To add scenery to this scenery map, you will need a Google account first. If you already have one , click on the star in the top bar of the map (next to the header where it says “FlightDeckX Scenery Map”). Once you’ve done that, visit your personal Google Maps page here to add a scenery. Remember, though: X-Plane ONLY! That said, whenever you add a scenery to this scenery map, make sure to add

  • ICAO (if applicable)
  • full airport name
  • a link to the store or download page

In case you encounter a problem or have any troubles adding a scenery, we will try to help. Contact us via the contact page.

Thank you for visiting