Seasons Are Coming: MaxxXP Announce TerraMAXX

Today, MaxxXP published screenshots of their latest tool TerraMAXX, obviously showcasing a tool that’s able to introduce seasons into X-Plane! Not a single piece of official information accompanied these screenshots other than this:

“Three and half years in the making, TerraMAXX will transform your X-Plane world. More info coming soon…….”

Well, well, well, I am not entirely sure if I should be hyped about this. After all, I fly exclusively over orthoimagery. I can’t even imagine ever flying over repetitive stock scenery again. What do you think about this? Anyhow, I am still curious to see what MaxxXP will come up with. As they said, more info coming soon…

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I would like to hear how this will work with orthophotos. I believe we can assume that the majority of X-Plane user no longer fly with default textures, with the rise in popularity of Ortho4XP. I think this product may be at this point a little to late to be of much interest, but I will reserve my final judgement until more details are released.

John Bakelaar

Agreed.  I’m very curious how this will look with Ortho4XP.


I think this won’t work, as orthophotos are just photos and these are diffrent textures. You would need winter orthophotos for it to look as good.


I doubt this will work with Orthro, however nice snowy textures might be nice for parts of the world that you occasionally fly without it. I’d love


This looks great. But IF this doesn’t work with ORTHO. I won’t be buying it. Need more information


There is no way to make this work with ortho, I hope it works with HD mesh though

Sebastian Björk

The default ground textures are made with “seamless” tiling and therefore its quite simple to change those few textures with snow. To change each ortho tiles will take long, long time…

Peter Suranyi
It’s 100% not going to work with your orthos your have at  home. It could be more-or-less possible with real time color correction of orthos in X-plane, but that is not something the engine is capable of at the moment. I won’t be trading my orthos in for sure, even in FSX I pretty much always flew in the summer. And orthos are just too good to pass up, while Laminar’s ground textures are… meh… (sorry Laminar). But I do understand that for many people, seasons are more important, especially if you fly a lot in Alaska and northern Europe,… Read more »

I believe I heard sometime a go that  Austin said that a “proper implementation of season” was the goal,  where instead of  just changing ground textures, snow would actually accumulate on the ground based on the weather conditions. Much like how water will accumulates on the ground in Xenviro 1.08. I think this “proper” implementation of seasons would work with orthos. 

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