SIDs & STARs for the FF A350?

Owners of the FlightFactor A350 XWB are certainly aware that this bird lacks an important feature, and that is SID/STAR support. It is well known that this promised feature never arrived since QPAC (who worked on the A350 together with FlightFactor) never finished the job.

The developer of the recently announced ToLiSs A319 made an interesting claim now. See this announcement (find the original announcement here):

“As soon as this thing works smoothly, the FMGS will be transported into the A350!”

Before you all get your forks and torches, as a little reminder, ToLiSs is not QPAC so they can’t be held responsible for the A350 disaster. To be exact, ToLiSs inherited the FBW and Autopilot system from the QPAC A320, see this quote: “We have inherited the FBW and AP system from the QPAC A320 and have added a completely new FMGS to it.”

Anyway, a new FMGS for the A350 is certainly terrific news. I would love to buy the A350 but without SID/STAR support, this bird basically is a dumbed down flying brick to me!


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