Skyline Goes P3D v4!

Skyline Simulations,  creator of lovely KSNA John Wayne (see our review) who only recently announced MKJS Montego Bay, have now announced that they will be developing their airports for P3D v4 in parallel with X-Plane 11 from now on. See the full announcement:

“Hello everybody!
We’ve been eager to make this announcement for a very long time but have decided to say it now, loud and clear! P3D V4 is a major step forward for the ESP Platform in allowing scenery developers to create scenery that it is more detailed than ever and runs better than ever before. After much deliberation, we’ve chosen to embrace the capabilities of this platform and begin developing our airports for P3D V4 in parallel with XPlane 11! This DOES NOT mean that our XPlane 11 projects will be affected at all; we’ll still be able to deliver them in the same amount of time as before. […]

I don’t know. Using X-Plane exclusively (morally the only right thing to do 😛 ) I just hope X-Plane remains their lead platform. We’ll see, though. We’ll see!


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