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Back in October Svalbard4Xplane, currently under development by Maps2Xplane and Stairport Sceneries, went into beta. We are now in round three of the beta phase and slowly things look like they’re coming together. A new thread with new screenshots has been opened on x-plane.org here. Seems we are finally coming closer to release of this anticipated project.

Svalbard4Xplane is a custom base mesh scenery covering the Norwegian archipelago Svalbard (also known under its Dutch name “Spitsbergen”) in the Arctic Ocean. The mesh will feature a very detailed terrain model and a “photoreal look”, even though it’s not an orthographic mesh. Svalbard4XPlane will be bundled together with an overlay scenery from Maps2Xplane’s partner Stairport Sceneries who they teamed up with for this project.

Looks impressive to me, can’t wait to do some heli operations there once the scenery is available. Wanna see more screenshots? See here.