JetManHuss of VSKYLABS, better known as the “moonlight beast” made another announcement! You wonder where that name comes from? Well I assume this guy is never sleeping judging from all of his numerous announcements and updates lately. Something cannot be quite right with that guy. Also it’s a pretty bad-ass name! Who wouldn’t love the nickname “moonlight beast”? Anyway, here is the announcement:

“The VSKYLABS Hang-Glider project is undergoing a thorough maintenance process for top-notch performance in the upcoming X-Plane 11.10 (which is currently under beta, having added some amazing flight dynamics model features)… Along with the general refurbish for the existing trikes, both internally and externally, a new model is going to be added to the package!

The new Trike is going to be the Polaris FIB (“Flying Inflatable Boat”), which it’s development by VSKYLABS for X-Plane was approved by the Polaris Motor company, who design and manufactures this amazing ultralight trike!

The Polaris FIB is equipped with retractable landing gears, and can be operated both from land or water! Although X-Plane 11 is having issues with water operations, it will hardly affect the model’s usability since it can be operated from land as well. The flying prototype of the VSKYLABS Polaris FIB is already performing perfect landings on water, and perfect transitions from water to land and vice versa by taxiing from one terrain/medium onto the other!

More information will be released soon! Meanwhile…you are invited to visit the current VSKYLABS Hang Glider project page to find information regarding the current version of the package:

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Big news ollie, orbx just announced their xplane development!!


Again? 😀