ToLiSs A319 Delayed & More FF A350 SID/STAR Details!

Good and bad news coming in from ToLiSs, who surprisingly announced their soon-to-be released A319 last month (see here in case you’ve missed the original announcement). According to this post the release (which was initially planned for this December) is delayed by one month. See the original announcement, though:

“The aircraft is compatible with xplane 10 and 11 for all three operating systems (windows, OS X, Linux) – 64 bit only though. Release is delayed by one month, need to update the website. I still need to finish one out of three manuals and the beta test revealed a couple of issues that must be resolved before release.”

However, where is darkness there is always light, right? That said, owners of the FlightFactor A350 XWB who are already cleaning the dust from their add-on as a result of this recent announcement may cheer up even more thanks to this post:

“About six month after the A319 initial release. The FMGS user interface on A350 is completely different, that is quite a bit of work.”

Thanks to my reader Pawel for the tip-off! Thanks, buddy!


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