ToLiSs A319 Teaser Videos!

As we approach the release of the ToLiSs A319which claims to be a study-level simulation of the actual aircraft, preview videos from the beta test team pop up on the web!

That said, here are two interesting teasers for you to enjoy. One is available on Twitch here, the other one is hosted on YouTube here.

I really wonder what y’all think about this model. I wonder if this will live up to its big brother, the FlightFactor A320! We’ll know soon. Release is scheduled for this month. Stay tuned!

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It looks great, but to me it seems strange that two different developers would both offer a high quality A320-series aircraft. We have the FF A320, and now this A319. An A340 or A380 (that are both very under-represented in X-Plane) would have been better, I think!

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