vFlyteAir Update: RealityXP integration & more

In the wake of the release announcement of the v2.5 update for vFlyteAir’s Cirrus SR20 (see here) Mario Donick of vFlyteAir also gave a little insight on what more we can expect in the future:

“What else? Although we were busy with the SR20, there’s more to come. Here’s a short overview.

  • Bug fixing previous aircraft: There are still bug reports open in the forums for other aircraft. We’ll have a look at these once the initial after-release storms have calmed down.
  • RealityXP integration: We started with the RXP GNS530 in the Twin Comanche; we’ll come to the GTN750 soon.
  • Aspen EFD1000 for the Twin Comanche: Several users (or potential customers) asked us if we can put the EFD1000 (from the Cherokee) into the Twin Comanche, so we’ll do such a variant. I expect a release maybe in October or November.
  • Comco-Ikarus C42 C: As mentioned before, that’s the ultra light where I take my real-world flight lessons, and we’ve started taking the first pictures, measurements and sketches for this aircraft. Still a long way to go, though, esp. since we want this aircraft to be a bit more realistic than our previous ones. Currently, I expect a release in early 2018.”

I’m particularly happy that developers start to integrate RealityXP’s products into their aircraft. The GTN750 is probably my favorite add-on and I can’t wait to see it well integrated in vFlyteAir’s beauties!


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