VSKYLABS DC-3: release of version 2.0 imminent

Less than a month after the release of VSKYLABS’ DC-3/C-47 (see original post here) the developer announced that release of version 2 is already imminent. See the announcement:

“The VSKYLABS DC-3/C-47 Flying Lab Project VERSION 2.0 is almost ready for its release! With new interior, new landing gears design, tuned systems and engine parameters, improved cockpit environment, additional systems, bug fixes, Ultra-High Definition rivet works…and more…here are a few more screenshots. Release is expected within…DAYS!

I am pleased to see that VSKYLABS develops at such a high pace. I heard their DC-3 is promising but not on par with LES’ version of this aircraft yet. It will surely be interesting to observe which of the two will be the better eventually! Remember though, LES is also working on a total remake of their existing model (see here) and they surely won’t sleep now that VSKYLABS tries to steal their ground… Anyway, see here for more information about the update!


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