VSKYLABS DC-3/C-47 release imminent

VSKYLABS announced the imminent release of their DC-3/C-47 with release due this Thursday if all goes well. Now don’t confuse this project with Leading Edge’s work on their DC-3, that has nothing to do with this project. Have a look at VSKYLABS’ claimed feature set for their DC-3:

Flying the VSKYLABS Douglas DC-3/C-47:
Easy to fly…it isn’t! The flight dynamics model is built, setup and tuned to be as authentic as possible, demonstrating how complicated is the use of the DC-3 “Force”:
  • The aircraft is requiring the correct use of all pilot inputs, including differential power, one of the most important aspect of taxiing the DC-3.
  • Performance and handling are ‘on the numbers’: the aircraft was designed to perform as close as possible to the real thing, and extensive test flights and calibrations using the real aircraft performance charts were made.
  • Single engine operations are authentic. You will not be able to sustain a climb rate unless flying in the proper configuration, and you will have to plan ahead your “moves” in case of an engine failure, exactly as it is done with the real DC-3. Actually, you will have to plan ahead every piloting “move”, even with two engines running, exactly as it is done with the real DC-3…
  • Lots of effort was made to make the aircraft landing gears to “feel” as it should be when interacting with the ground, and it will bounce realistically on rough terrain operations and will demonstrate a realistic touchdown behavior and ground handling qualities.
  • It is a blast to fly!

Sounds exciting, right? We will soon find out if it lives up to its claims.


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