No sign of slowdown at VSKYLABS. Following the recent initial release of their DC-3/C-47 Flying Lab Project, VSKYLABS today released version 2.0 of that beautiful looking aircraft. See the full changelog:

  • 3D/model Textures:
    • Landing gears re-modeled, re textured.
    • Passengers seats re-modeled, re-textured. Two sets were made, one for the default Buffalo Airways livery, and a second one to the VSKYLABS livery.
    • Ultra-high definition rivet-mapping:
      • The Ultra-High Definition rivet lines texture map of version 2.0 was created and contributed to the project by Oleg Tronov, Sochi, Russia. Oleg is a long years DC-3 enthusiast. He had created the rivets layout based on real rivet map technical drawings as a reference. The rivet map source and paint kit are not a part of the VSKYLABS project.
    • Overhead Panel model and textures rework.
    • Overhead and pedestal panels: fixed sun-reflections on overhead panel.
    • Cockpit panel 3d model additions and preparations for v3.0
  • Instrument panel:
    • Airspeed indicator textures works and needle fine tuned (for 0-80 mph scale).
    • Airspeed Indicator – added speed tabs + an adjustable tab for personal use (mouse manipulator for fast set-up).
  • Systems/Engines:
    • Emergency Gear Pump – added! When no hydraulic pressure and gears up:
      • Set the gear handle to the down position.
      • Click (repeatedly) on the Emergency Gear handle (down to the right), and observe the landing gears light indications.
      • “Pump” it with mouse clicks until the “transit light” turns off, and the “down and locked” light turns green.
      • Safe landing.
      • Note – this handle is operational, but not animated yet, probably will be animated in the following update.
    • CHT operational temperature tuned – the engines should run now with a lower CHT.
  • Flight Dynamics Model:
    • Elevator trim tab setup for better takeoff handling.
  • Sounds:
    • FMOD project initiated but not included in v2.0. Because the FMOD is a full scale project on its own…it will be added to the next update only.
  • Liveries:
    • Default Buffalo Airways livery touch ups. Authentic Buffalo Airway interior lining for the seats added.
    • Additional livery added – VSKYLABS Livery.
    • I set up the objects files in the package so it will eliminate the hassle with the file in a text editors (for changing NORMAL_METALNESS and GLOBAL_specular values).
  • Bug fixes:
    • Propeller levers will never go out of their gimbals, no matter which hardware is being used and with any settings.
    • Magnetos operation – magneto arrow direction corrected.
    • Auto-Lean / Auto-Rich Mixture click zones enhanced for better interactivity.
  • General features:
    • Toggle Passenger seats – When clicking on the first two seats (right hand side seats, when looking to the tail section from the cockpit) – they will disappear. Clicking again on the same spot will bring it back (preparation feature for future implementation of cargo livery).

The update is free for current owners. If you don’t own the aircraft yet, head over to VSKYLABS’ own store here and grab it for $19.95 $24.95. For more information on this product see the product page.

EDIT: Apparently the price tag just went up a notch. Now available for $24.95.


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