This looks fun! Following the announcement of version 3.6 of the MicroHopper ultralight bush plane earlier today, VSKYLABS just announced the Polaris FIB (“Flying Inflatable Boat”) with a scheduled release next week. See the announcement:

“A new Trike is about to join the VSKYLABS Hangar.

The VSKYLABS Hang Glider Project users are familiar with this development project for almost a year now…and now it is about to cross the finish line. 

It is the Polaris FIB (“Flying Inflatable Boat”), which its development for X-Plane by VSKYLABS was approved by ‘Polaris Motor’, allowing a great deal of reference materials and operational practices to be included in the design, modeling, engineering and development process. Although approved by ‘Polaris Motor’, the project is an independent VSKYLABS project.

The FIB is a flying boat ultralight trike, designed and produced by ‘Polaris Motor’ of Italy. The aircraft was introduced in the mid-1980s and remained in production. The FIB can be used on rivers, lakes, swamps and in open sea. It is equipped with retractable landing gears, and can be operated from land or water. The VSKYLABS model is also equipped with an optional GNS530.

As all of the VSKYLABS projects, lot of attention was focused on flight handling and flying characteristics of the trike, to deliver “as real as it gets” flying experience in X-Plane. The project has already entered its final phases of development and evaluation, and the release window is scheduled for next week.”

See the product page here for more information or check out this video if you want to see this fun bush plane in action!