Remember ATS simulations? The team who released a MD-82 and took it off the market shortly after due to quality issues? Ever since this happened ATS was subject to controversial discussions among the community. Personally I can understand if those who purchased the aircraft while that short sale window was open are somewhat pissed. After all this was a premium prized product and according to what I read thus far this prize tag was not justifiable at that time. Now it seems that all these controversial discussions and personal accusations towards the developers led one member of ATS by the name of “alfa-mike” to the decision to quit his contribution to the project (see here for “alfa-mike’s” announcement). However “alfa-mike” claims that work on the MD-82 is still in progress and won’t be affected by his personal decision. I do hope ATS will eventually deliver this bird. As unfinished this product might have been at the time, it showed a lot of potential and I can imagine this will be a fine aircraft for us to play with one day.