It’s a habit among certain developers (freeware and payware alike) to repeatedly announce their offerings over an amount of time other developers actually get things done. No, I am not talking about regular announcements and screenshots a developer posts during the course of a regular development cycle. I am talking about developers who announce the same product like 20 times within a two year time frame and just seem to never deliver.

That said, this post is not intended to judge. After all, we all got our lives and that is fine. My only point is, from now on I will only post major announcements if a developer takes things a bit slower than the rest of us (which, again, is fine). To my readers: I appreciate all the tip-offs I receive daily. Please don’t be offended if certain information won’t be published, though. It’s probably because of what I just wrote. Thank you!

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Agree 100% there are a couple of releases I’m waiting on that have been announced with screen shots then put into “beta” then beta some more then radio silence then more screen shots with tentative release dates and failure to meet said release dates. Then you have simmers calling other simmers whiny and impatient for saying “hey when is this going to be released”. It’s just a big mess.